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Flying on Dreams, Meeting Again: Closing Ceremony of the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou

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Hangzhou bids farewell to the 4th Asian Para Games with a heartwarming closing ceremony held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium on October 28. The theme of the ceremony was “Flying on Dreams, Meet Again”, and it featured performances and short films that highlighted the hospitality and cultural charm of Hangzhou, as well as the friendship and solidarity among Asian countries.

The ceremony began with the lighting of the Torch Tower on the banks of the Qiantang River, symbolizing the continuous playing of the life hymn of disabled athletes who strive to break through themselves and unite to pursue their dreams. The Chinese delegation, which won a total of 214 gold medals, 167 silver medals, and 140 bronze medals, ranking first in the Asian Para Games gold medal list for the fourth consecutive year, was celebrated for their outstanding achievements.

The ceremony also paid tribute to the unyielding spirit of the disabled athletes who participated in the Games. Inspiring stories of athletes overcoming physical challenges were shared, such as the Indian armless female archer Sital Devi, the Jordanian weightlifter Omar Sami Hamad Karada, and the Chinese swimmer Guo Jincheng. These athletes, along with many others, broke records and proved that imperfect bodies cannot hinder progress.

In addition to celebrating athletic achievements, the ceremony highlighted the inclusive and warm atmosphere of the Games. A short film showcased the tradition of serving tea to guests from afar in China, symbolizing the integration and mutual sympathy of Asian people, including those with disabilities. The performances, including a tea-style dance by a group of disabled actors, showed the collaboration and support between disabled and able-bodied individuals.

The closing ceremony also acknowledged the contributions of various individuals involved in organizing and documenting the Games, including journalists, volunteers, performers, and coaches. Their dedication and care for disabled athletes were recognized, and their efforts in making the Hangzhou Asian Para Games a success were praised.

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As the Asian Paralympic Committee flag was lowered, the audience bid farewell to the 4th Asian Para Games. The ceremony concluded with a message of unity and hope for the future. Three years later, the Aichi Nagoya Asian Para Games in Japan will be held, and it is hoped that the spirit of love and inclusiveness will once again shine, connecting disabled and able-bodied individuals in the pursuit of beauty and dreams.

The closing ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games was a touching and memorable event that showcased the achievements, spirit, and unity of disabled athletes from across Asia. As the Games came to a close, it left a lasting impression on the world and served as a reminder of the strength and resilience of individuals with disabilities.

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