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Folie, like a phoenix “I thought of retiring, but now a second career begins”

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The Prosecco Doc plant has solved all his physical problems “I used to take painkillers even for breakfast, now I’m ready”


One of the many pillars in the group of panthers is certainly Raphaela Folie, in her sixth season in the yellow and blue. She arrived in Conegliano in 2016 together with De Kruijf, the other blue central Danesi, the South Tyrolean countryman Fiori, the Mexican Bricio; it was also the year of Skorupa and Malinov in directing, of the first Champions League final (organized at Palaverde), of the double comeback suffered a few days later by Modena in the championship semifinal, of the passage of coach Mazzanti to the national team. Since then Folie has raised many trophies, even when she was forced to use crutches in 2018, carried by her companions. Fortunately, only the memories, the efforts of rehabilitation and a light gray and light blue brace to protect a joint that has finally returned to function are left of that terrible left knee injury. «I’m fine, we found the right way to avoid tendon problems that bothered me after knee surgery. We went for trials and attempts ».

After having made the Olympics and skipped the European Championship, Folie had started training very gradually with Conegliano. The schedule was 18 weeks but luckily for the team, things went better than expected. «With Fahr’s injury in Croatia, we tried to accelerate ahead of the Super Cup on 2 October. Initially I still had pain, then thanks to the physiotherapists and the athletic trainer we found the right answer that that tendon wanted. We have tried many. I am a great jumper (even more than a meter high, ed) and the tendon must bear a great load ».

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The frequency with which Folie has taken the field in recent matches has confirmed the progress. «By now the tendon and I can handle even five sets and regular training rhythms without problems. I can say that I am definitely healed and can start a new career, after three years between hell and purgatory. If we didn’t find the solution, I was ready to quit altogether. I even got to take painkillers almost at breakfast, you might say. But now I’m ready ».

After two days in a spa in Merano together with Wolosz, Gennari, Butigan, Sylla and Fiori, Folie went back to the gym yesterday to prepare for the next intense period, which includes a dozen races between now and the end of the year. «The two races in Piedmont were almost like a retirement and it was necessary to take a break. It was like a weekend ».

In Cuneo Vakifbank’s record of 73 wins was equaled and in three days, by beating Trentino, Conegliano can remain the only record holder. «I do not deny that we have thought about it in the last few races: it would have been a shame not to succeed. But now we already have our heads on Sunday and then on the World Cup and the Champions League ».

In fact, the European adventure that saw the panthers triumph last May starts already on Wednesday. «It is nice to start again in the tournament which was our last great success. As usual we will have to get used to the different ball, but we are ready, also because Sylla and De Gennaro are back ».

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The results are there, not yet the game and the first to be aware of it are the players themselves. «Between injuries and grafts there is a need to find a new balance, to be increasingly close-knit. As has happened in the past, if one misses or has a bad day, there is another who replaces her and pushes the team ». –

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