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Fontana: «Special challenge against many of my friends. We have no pressure “

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Andrea Pilotti chased by Luca Fontana

Tomorrow at 2.30 pm the highly anticipated derby between Limana Cavarzano and Fiori Barp. The defender talks about the many exes on the visiting team

A derby that goes beyond three points. Tomorrow at 2.30 pm the big match between Limana Cavarzano and Fiori Barp, the first two of the class, will be staged, with the guests two points ahead of the Parteli boys.

“At stake there are three points like all games, but I would be a liar if I said that nothing changes compared to usual”, says Luca Fontana, “playing on Saturday, in front of many people and against many friends, who among other things are first in the standings, makes this match special. This, however, should not put pressure on us but, on the contrary, give us motivation and more energy ».

Did you expect that eight days Limana Cavarzano and Fiori Barp would face each other first and second?

«I didn’t expect two people from Belluno to be in the first two places because the promotion is difficult. All this, however, surprises me up to a certain point because I still imagined that both would be in the high areas. We are talking about two teams made up of high-level people, and I don’t mean only on a football level but also on a human level ».

Among the ranks of Fiori Barp there are many former Cavarzano players with whom you have played for several years. Among these we can mention De Bon, Tonus, Barattin, Marsango, Soppelsa, Zoldan, Boschet and Bez.

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«They are not just former teammates but their own and true friends», continues Fontana », I have a fantastic relationship with them, especially with those with whom I shared the joy of winning the First Category championship three years ago. Our paths divided, but the friendship remained and even consolidated. We often see each other off the pitch to celebrate ».

You are in full emergency at the level of injuries, so much so that last Sunday against the Qdp, you who are a central defender, played tip.

«We were without strikers and I trained in that role all last week. If there had been a striker on the pitch it would have been better, but I don’t think I have done so badly. In this period we have many absentees, but it is only an unfortunate period that will pass. However, I am convinced that whoever is available is as good as the absent, luckily we have a large squad and we are all 26 potentially owners. We are not looking for excuses, we have what it takes to play a great game ».

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