Home Sports Fontecchio in Nba, the joy of mother Malì: «Are you going to Utah? And I fell off my chair “

Fontecchio in Nba, the joy of mother Malì: «Are you going to Utah? And I fell off my chair “

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Fontecchio in Nba, the joy of mother Malì: «Are you going to Utah?  And I fell off my chair “

Next stop Nba. The career of 26-year-old Simone Fontecchio has reached a historic turning point with the two-year agreement that binds him to the Utah Jazz. To the delight of her mother Amalia Pomilio, former Azzurri basketball player with two league titles and experience as a coach at the helm of Delser Udine in the 2017/18 women’s A2 series.

“Malì” is very close to Friuli, having lived there for three years during the period in which partner Lino Lardo coached the Apu Gsa.

Let’s be honest, did you expect the NBA call for your son Simone?

«Playing in the NBA is the dream of those who play basketball, but I didn’t expect it. At the beginning of the summer he told me “I have a proposal from Barcelona, ​​but if there is nothing new I will stay at Baskonia”. This call is the culmination of an important journey undertaken two and a half years ago. The choice to go to play abroad, together with the birth of his daughter, has matured him a lot. The explosion in the national team gave him further security in his own means ».

What was your first reaction when you heard about the Jazz deal?

«I had heard Simone one Thursday, he told me that there was an offer. It was July 14, the next day the deadline for exiting the contract with Baskonia would expire. Just the next day he called me and told me that in the night he made an agreement with Utah, I fell off my chair! ”

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The first turning point was the move to Germany. Is there no place in Italy for home talents?

«When you watch a Serie A match if there are three Italians on the pitch that’s a lot. There are few opportunities to mature by playing. In Germany everyone plays a minimum of 20 minutes per game, so talented young people can grow. We lack this culture, we think to win at all costs. All the young people had to leave Milan. Playing the Euroleague final four is nice, but… ».

How are relations with the coach Azzurro Pozzecco?

«Simone promised to tell me about the“ Poz ”the next time he comes to see me. I know that you made him play a lot on his debut and that you have a lot of respect for him: a month and a half ago you said that Simone would end up in the NBA ».

Do you follow the fate of Udinese basketball at home?

«Of course, everyone knows that we have left a piece of our heart in Friuli. On Saturdays when I can I see Delser, so I observe my ex-girls Vittoria and Valentina now grown up. As for APU, we were very sorry they lost the play-off final, the Friulian public deserves Serie A ».

About Vittoria Blasigh. Were you right to choose Spain?

«I don’t know the reality of Gran Canaria, but I am convinced it is an important life experience. Playing as a foreigner will have great responsibilities and will have to earn everything: minutes, shots and respect. It will be a good moment of growth ».

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