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Football, agents and prosecutors: 1.6 billion collected in 3 years of Covid

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Football, agents and prosecutors: 1.6 billion collected in 3 years of Covid

The primacy of European clubs

The top five leagues are once again the main football market. According to FIFA’s latest Global Transfer Report, 19 of the top 20 clubs by market spend in 2022 belong to the top five European leagues, with the exception of Dutch side Ajax. Manchester United, Barcelona and Liverpool lead a ranking dominated by the English (11 Premier League clubs present), with three French (Paris Saint-Germain, eighth, followed by Monaco and Olympique Marseille in 19th and 20th respectively), two Germans (Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund), two Spaniards (Real Madrid, in addition to the aforementioned Barça) and only one Italian: Napoli, seventeenth for transfer costs in the last calendar year.

Premier League most profitable market

That of the big European companies is naturally the most remunerative market for prosecutors. Starting with the Premier League which spent more than Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga and the Bundesliga combined in the 2022/23 season transfer windows (already invested over 2.5 billion).

Expenses for the cards that reverberate on the prosecutors. In 2022, intermediaries obtained €186.6m ($203.2m) from English clubs. The most lucrative market for football agents, ahead of Italy (€81.3m), Portugal (€60.5m) and Spain (€55.5m). Adding Germany (51.5 million euros) and France (27.5 million euros), these six nations account for 80.9% of the entire sum awarded to prosecutors over the last year, while 96 .2% of the total spent on agents is attributable to European clubs.

Top English teams for intermediation

English clubs are the ones that spend the most on intermediation for the purchase of players (173.3 million euros in 2022), while Portugal takes the palm for outgoing commissions, given that the selling clubs have paid intermediaries around 40 .5 million euros in the last year.

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Within UEFA, expenditure in the last year amounted to 550.2 million euros. Furthermore, 15.3% of international transfers involved an intermediary on behalf of a footballer: this too represents a record achieved in 2022.

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