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Football Association Cup U23 policy is about to be held due to the fine-tuning of the National Football team

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Original title: Football Association Cup U23 policy will be held due to the fine-tuning of the National Football Team

News from our newspaper (Reporter Gu Ying) The fans who are paying attention to the domestic football dynamics, as well as the 32 teams from the fourth division that are eligible to participate in the FA Cup, are waiting for the FA Cup draw ceremony and results at the end of this month. Yesterday, everyone was Let’s wait for another slightly unexpected official announcement from the Chinese Football Association. From September 29 to October 12, the Chinese Football Association will add a temporary transfer window for the FA Cup.

In this official release, the Chinese Football Association, defined as the “Supplementary Notice of the Football Association Cup Main Competition Rules”, stated that in order to ensure the normal progress of the Football Association Cup, relevant supplementary provisions have been added. The most important point is that the two-week start In the temporary transfer window, clubs with players recruited by the national football team can complete player loan, transfer and make-up registration for the Football Association Cup in this window. The number of players registered must not exceed the number of players recruited by the national football team. In addition, the Chinese Football Association also stated that clubs that have been recruited by the National Football Association with U23 players may not implement the U23 player policy in the Football Association Cup.

Since the above supplementary clauses are limited to the Football Association Cup matches and do not apply to the second stage of the Chinese Super League starting in December, it can be very simply understood that once a club uses the two-week transfer window to open tomorrow to introduce players, then The introduced players can only be played in the Football Association Cup. When the league began to compete for the championship and relegation groups in December, they were not qualified to participate and could only stand on the sidelines. Although the Tianjin Tigers have been training players in the team for some time in the past, it is not known whether the club will use this “window” opportunity to register a player for the FA Cup. What kind of follow-up developments will be triggered by this paper official announcement, and which clubs will actively operate, need further observation.

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