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Football. At 37 Pallante leaves his desk and goes back to scoring

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The desire to play has never lost it. Giorgio Pallante, 37, an accountant by profession, returned to wearing shoes and scoring goals for the Strambinese 1924 in the First category.

A step back: back to May 26, 2019. At Giuseppe Bertotti di Strambino the white-collar bomber had greeted his audience for the last time at the end of the playoff game lost 2-4 against Vigliano. A greeting that was not really goodbye. Pallante had been forced to leave due to a problem in his left knee, but the now former blue striker had never hidden the desire to remain the same in society, with other roles. In the following season, 2019/2020, he takes over from Mr. Kevin Bardus on the bench, managing to get back on top of the Strambinese 1924, which ended up in the quicksand of the relegation zone. Unfortunately, with the advent of Covid-19, the Italian team also had to stop and in the last game of that season the Strambinese 1924 had beaten the then Azeglio 4-0 at home.

Last year, in his second season as a coach, however, Pallante led the team in just five games, scrapping one victory and four defeats, then another stop due to Covid-19. Meanwhile in Pallante’s mind the desire to return to play arises, as he says:

“I solved the problems in my left knee. And I want to help the new coach Mario Pesce to integrate as quickly as possible into this new reality, as well as helping to grow our young people. I have not made tables with how many goals I would like to score – says Pallante. The goal is to have fun whenever the coach decides he wants to entrust himself to me, the desire to do well is all there. In the Strambinese shirt I scored 182 goals, 240 in total if we also consider the experiences gained in Cavaglià, Charvensod and Ivrea ».

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Pallante with the blue jersey of the Strambinese 1924 played from Excellence to the Second category, but he still has the enthusiasm and hunger shown in the first match at Bertotti: “I am charged and determined, I know that unfortunately the identity card says 37 springs , but this does not want to be an impediment to wanting to continue doing what I like most: playing football. This year – continues Pallante – very strong and charismatic players have also returned to Strambino, such as goalkeeper Gillone and central defender Giacoletto, one more motivation to do well. The groups have not yet come out (we will have to wait until early August), what is certain, however, is that the goal of the company of president Antonio Grassino is to be able to conquer a more than peaceful salvation in the First category, hoping above all that the season can start and end regularly “-

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