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Football & business: Juve at the top on sponsors, Inter still at the stake

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Football & business: Juve at the top on sponsors, Inter still at the stake

The top club jersey is a much sought-after showcase by sponsors. Commercial companies and technical clothing suppliers are willing to pay staggering amounts to show their brand on uniforms.

In Serie A, Juventus collects almost 100 million euros a year from its main sponsor and technical partner. In fact, the current agreements with Jeep and Adidas are worth 46 million and 51 million respectively. Milan, champion of Italy, get about 30 million from the technical sponsor Puma and a sum of around 15 million from the main jersey sponsor Emirates.

For Inter, a problem due to cryptocurrencies

Inter has recently renewed the agreement with Nike which will ensure around 25 million per season for the Nerazzurri club. On the other hand, the impasse relating to the partnership with DigitalBits is not released. As anticipated by Ilsole24ore.com on July 28th, the technological platform that took over from Socios.com this season, has not yet paid its due, after the collapse of more than 90% of the value of the reference cryptocurrency Xdb. The contract provided for a total consideration of 85 million until the 2024/25 season (5 million in the 2021/22 season when DigitalBits, a blockchain headed by Zytara Labs, was only the sleeve sponsor, to then rise to 23, 27 and 30 millions in the following seasons). For now, Inter has obscured the DigitalBits logo from its website and from the shirts of its youth and women’s teams.

Roma had no problems with payments and also shares the main sponsor with Inter. In the case of the Giallorossi team, DigitalBits pays a lower sum (about 12 million euros per year). From the technical partner New Balance, Roma receives an annual check between 3 and 4 million gross, to which must be added a percentage of royalties on the material sold in excess of 30 percent.

Among the most profitable jerseys is that of Fiorentina, to which the sponsorship of the Mediacom property ensures 25 million a year, while from the technical supplier Kappa comes between 4 and 5 million a year. Napoli, which produces the jerseys independently thanks to an agreement with EA7, collects about 9 million from the MSC-Lete combination.

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