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Football European Championship qualification: Norway vs. Scotland – live ticker – 3rd group matchday – 2023/2024

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Football European Championship qualification: Norway vs. Scotland – live ticker – 3rd group matchday – 2023/2024
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    Mid-term conclusion:
    The game between Norway and Scotland goes into the break goalless. The home team had more possession and at times pleasing combinations, but there was only one real threat in front of Gunn’s goal. In the 14th minute, Sørloth couldn’t put his header into the goal from close range. Scotland, on the other hand, is defensively secure and rarely dares to go forward offensively. So far, the leaders of the table have completely lacked good chances to score.

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    End of 1st half

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    Official stoppage time (minutes): 1

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    Dykes wants to extend a long ball from his keeper to Christie. But he doesn’t get to the leather because Østigård is careful and heaves the ball out of the danger zone with his head.

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    Berg is looking for Haaland with a chip ball. However, the pass is clearly too steep for the attacker, so that he has no chance of getting the ball. Norway hasn’t really acted compellingly for a long time.

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    Jack Hendry (Scotland) is shown a yellow card.

    The defender grabs Haaland with both hands near the center line after Ødegaard tried to send him through the ball.

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    McTominay drives the leather forward with pace in a transition situation, creating a three-on-three situation. But then he misses the right moment to play, so he gets stuck and gets stuck. Good chance missed!

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    John McGinn

    Yellow card for John McGinn (Scotland)

    McGinn clears Ødegaard in midfield without a chance to get the ball. This is the first entry in the game report sheet.

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    Christie switches sides with a volley ball where Robertson puts the ball back on McGinn. The midfielder fails with his left-footed shot from the inside left position on the blocking Strandberg.

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    Robertson marches down the left and then crosses into Dykes’ run. For the attacker, however, the half-high pass is clearly too steep, so that Nyland can let the ball spin out.

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    A means of the Norwegians is the long ball to the right side to tall Sørloth. This time the attacker can pin the ball and put it back to Ødegaard Ødegaard, whose low shot is blocked by a defender.

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    Now Scotland also has longer ball possession phases, which are interrupted by the Norwegians. The Scandinavians run much higher against the ball and want to force high ball gains.

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    Ødegaard swings a corner from the left with a cut to the centre. This sails straight for Gunn, who can easily grab it. The dominance of the Scandinavians has now been lost a little.

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    Christie is served from the left in the penalty area, but cannot accept the ball cleanly. Nyland therefore storms out of his gate and can intercept the leather. If Christie gets control of the ball in this action, it becomes extremely dangerous!

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    A Scotland corner sails from the left in the direction of the backcourt, but where a teammate misses. A cross then sails into Nyland’s arms. For the first time, Scotland is now also presenting itself offensively!

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    After a great pass, Solbakken is sent towards the baseline on the left side of the penalty area. From there, the winger returns the ball to the far post where Aursnes rushes in. The Benfica player gets stuck on a defensive leg with his graduation. Norway is now becoming more compelling!

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    Norway clearly controls the first quarter of an hour. The Solbakken team has 70 percent possession and also had the first good chance. Scotland, on the other hand, is only limited to defending and is not yet able to play an offensive game at all.

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    The first good chance of the game! Meling prevails in a one-on-one with Hickey on the left wing and crosses into the center near the baseline. There, Sørloth is criminally free for meters in front of the goal, who balances the game device exactly on Gunn from five meters. He has to do more with it!

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    Aursnes tries a cross from the left half-field in the direction of the second post. The cross is clearly set too high, so Haaland cannot reach it. There’s a goal kick for Scotland.

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    The action takes place mainly in half of Scotland, which is very low. At the same time, it doesn’t allow any gaps and Norway isn’t getting any tempo into their actions yet. The away team’s defense hasn’t really been challenged yet.

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    Norway has a lot of possession in the first few minutes, while Scotland pulls back far and waits for transition situations. So far, it hasn’t really become mandatory on either side.

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    Norway grabs the ball from the start and looks for a gap. However, a long stretch from Strandberg does not reach Sørloth, which takes off on the right. Gunn runs out of his gate and grabs.

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    The ball rolls! Norway will play in red and Scotland in white. Referee of today’s game is Matej Jug from Slovenia.

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    game start

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    Norway coach Ståle Solbakken has switched to two positions compared to the 1-1 draw against Georgia: BVB player Julian Ryerson replaces Marcus Pedersen at the back right, Erling Haaland can play in attack, as befits his status, after his failure for Mohamed Elyounoussi. Scotland coach Steve Clarke seems to have found his starting line-up after beating Spain 2-0, bringing on Jack Hendry for Grant Hanley in central defence.

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    After an unchallenged 3-0 win against Cyprus, Scotland created a minor sensation at the end of May: thanks to a brace from Man United midfielder Scott McTominay, the Scots defeated Spain 2-0 and went top of their World Cup qualifying group. The Scots midfielder has already scored four times in two games and is responsible for 80 per cent of goals. This means that Scotland does not have a bad chance of qualifying for the European Championship again after 2021.

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    Norway couldn’t really impress in the opening games of the European Championship qualifiers: First the Scandinavians lost 3-0 against Spain after a fighting performance, then they only managed a 1-1 draw against Georgia. Both games took place at the end of March and without top star Erling Haaland, on whom the Norwegians are pinning their hopes today. He should ensure that Norway can participate in a European Championship for the first time since 2000.

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    The two national teams have already met eleven times: Scotland won six games and Norway only two. Also in the current EURO qualifying group, Scotland are in first place after two wins, while Norway are fourth with just one point from two games. Nevertheless, Scotland is not the clear favorite in the game: Norway has two absolute world-class players in their own ranks in attacker Erling Haaland and midfielder Martin Ødegaard.

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    Hello and welcome to the 3rd match day of the European Championship qualification! In Group A, the Norwegian national team meets Scotland at the Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo.

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