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Football father-in-law VS father’s strength: Owen’s daughter won the runner-up in love, Beckham’s son changed his surname and entered the family jqknews

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Football father-in-law VS father’s strength: Owen’s daughter won the runner-up in love, Beckham’s son changed his surname and entered the family jqknews

Original title: Football father-in-law VS father strength: Owen’s daughter won the love comprehensive runner-up, Xiaobei’s son changed his surname and entered the family

Recently, the British love show “Love Island” ushered in the finale. The combination of Gemma and Luca Bish, the eldest daughter of the English star Owen, won the second place. The champion was won by the combination of Cülcüloglu and Davide Sanclimenti, who will win 50,000 pounds. bonus.

Due to her outstanding appearance and hot figure, Gemma has attracted much attention, and her social media fans have surged. Many people ridiculed Owen as the “father-in-law of football”. In fact, there are not a few football stars known as the “father-in-law of football”. Most of their daughters inherit the beauty of their parents and have angel faces and devil figures. Of course, there are also many unsatisfactory star sons in football who have perfectly missed the excellent genes of their parents and can only rely on “father’s power” to become “paying players”. Next, let’s take a look at the “national father-in-law” in football. And “Dad Power” it.

[Father-in-law in football – Owen]

As a legendary player in England, Owen won the Ballon d’Or in 2001. He and his wife have been married for 17 years and have 4 children, 3 daughters and 1 son. Owen’s eldest daughter, Gemma, is 19, and her second daughter, Emily, and younger, Jessica, are 14 and 12, respectively.

Gemma is a professional equestrian dressage rider and has many followers on social networking sites. “Love Island” is a popular reality TV show in the UK. Each season of the show, a total of 11 people, 6 men and 5 women, will be selected to participate in the recording. They will live together in a villa on a small island for six weeks, and then freely form a temporary couple, and there will be cameras in the house to record their lives. Previously, Owen once objected to his eldest daughter’s participation in the show. When he saw her daughter appearing on the TV in hot and sexy clothes, he directly sent a “hand over his eyes” emoji. However, after her daughter won the runner-up in the show, Owen still congratulated her daughter: “What a special girl, I’m very proud of you. Go home now, we miss you very much.”

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As the saying goes, a tiger’s father has no dog’s son. Owen was once the “child of the wind” in football, and his second daughter also has amazing athletic talents. A few days ago, 14-year-old Emily won the England U15 100-meter championship, and she also won the Northern England indoor 60-meter championship and the third place in the 100-meter competition in the England Middle School Student Competition.

[Football father-in-law – Gerrard]

Liverpool legend Gerrard is now the coach of the Premier League powerhouse Aston Villa, and in private life, Gerrard is also a proper winner in life. Gerald has 3 daughters and 1 son. His daughters also inherited his genes, with good looks and tall stature.

Gerrard’s eldest daughter Lilly is 18 years old this year. She is not only beautiful, but also outstanding in figure and temperament. Currently, Lilly is developing into the fashion circle, and has multiple brand sponsorships. Gerrard’s second daughter, Lexie, is 15 years old and still in school, and his third daughter is 10.

[Father-in-law in football – Figo]

The former captain of the Portuguese national team and Ronaldo’s “big brother” Figo’s wife is a beautiful woman. Their three daughters have inherited their parents’ good looks perfectly, and they are very slim. The eldest daughter Daniela was born in 1999, the second daughter Martina was born in 2002, and the third daughter Stella was born in 2004. Figo once posted a family photo on social media, and the picture was very warm and beautiful.

[Father-in-law in football – Cesc Fabregas]

Cesc Fabregas is 12 years apart from his wife, Daniela, who had a 20-year relationship with her ex-husband and a son and a daughter before marrying her. Today, Cesc Fabregas’ stepdaughter is 23 years old and looks very delicate and beautiful, and Cesc Fabregas’ biological daughter is also very cute and moving.

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[Dad Strength – Beckham]

As we all know, Beckham and Victoria have 3 children and 1 daughter. But unfortunately, none of his three sons seem to have inherited his football talent. Beckham’s three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz entered Arsenal’s youth training together, most likely because of their father’s relationship, but a year later, the three brothers were all expelled due to their limited ability. Since then, only the second son, Romeo, has remained in football. A few days ago, Romeo made his debut in the Miami International first team, but judging from his performance, the outside world agreed that he was not even qualified to become a professional player.

Although he has no football talent, Romeo is already considered “excellent” compared to his big brother Brooklyn. As a well-known old-fashioned family, Brooklyn was ridiculed by the outside world: “The only advantage is that it will be reborn.” Before that, Beckham and Victoria had tried their best to help Brooklyn build their own career, but helplessly, he was really unsatisfactory. However, taking advantage of the fame and career of her parents, Brooklyn met Nicola Peltz, the daughter of a billionaire rich family, and became a “Golden Soft Rice Boy”. After marrying Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn took his wife’s surname and “joined” the woman’s family. Due to the bad relationship between his wife and mother Victoria’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Brooklyn did not hesitate to distance herself from her parents for the sake of her lover.

[Father Strength – Zidane]

Whether as a player or as a coach, Zidane’s career has been perfect. In terms of personal life, Zidane and his wife have 4 sons: Enzo, Luca, Theo, and Eliaz.

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Due to Zidane’s relationship, his four sons have entered Real Madrid’s youth training since childhood. Enzo and Luka even played for Real Madrid’s first team, and occasionally they can get starting opportunities, which perfectly explains what it means to “fight dad”. But Zidane’s sons were helpless. Enzo, who was a striker, was unable to score goals for a long time, and Luka, who was a goalkeeper, even made a joke of “dodging the ball”. Although backed by “father’s strength”, they have obtained many opportunities that are not in line with their own strength, but unfortunately, the two have not inherited the slightest football talent from their father, and can only “fuck around” in football.

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