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Football on TV: now the fan can hope for the “single package” to watch the games and not faint

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UDINE. Sky rejected by the assembly of the clubs also on Monday 29 March, but behind the strategies of the Serie A League that granted the main package of TV rights for the next three years to Dazn (flanked by Tim) there could also be a “good news” for the football fans, worried about the excessive fragmentation of the offer on TV – or streaming video – and from the cost they could have two or three season tickets for an entire competitive season, especially if a fan wants to add the matches of the European cups alongside the championship and enjoy a week full of football.

Yes, because in the face of the first “projections” on the prices of the offers, the idea of ​​a single package to facilitate Italian families is also taking shape, thanks to a sort of alliance between Dazn, Amazon and Mediaset united under the banner of Tim Vision.

In short, we must wait for the next steps to understand if the hypothesis will actually materialize. The rejection of Sky also on the front of the three non-exclusive games suggests that there could be steps forward in this sense.

A new call will have to be redone to assign the advance on Saturday evening, the Sunday match at half past twelve and the postponement on Monday, the fixed novelty of the next three years in Serie A.

The seven clubs that piloted the Dazn front (which will bring 840 million per season) have also blocked Sky’s upward offer which in the negotiations in order not to remain without any championship game in hand had gone from 70 to 87.5 million, rather close to 90, where Mediaset or Amazon could go with the new call.

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What are the names of the uncompromising companies? Juventus, Inter, Naples, Lazio, Fiorentina, Atalanta and Verona who abstained. The others, including Udinese and Milan (just to mention the name of a big one), despite having contributed to Dazn’s victory, slipped off the grid, but it was not enough to reach the 14 votes that would have awarded the package of consolation to Sky.

Someone will note that it is also about the sects who do not want the funds to enter the media company of the Lega, funds ready to offer 1.7 billion in exchange for 10% (an eventuality that Udinese would not mind), but it is better not to broaden the topic of TV rights.

Also because now, after realizing that the clubs could earn more or less the same money as the previous contract (973 million), it is necessary to understand if the price of this milestone will all fall on the shoulders of the fans.

The managing director of Dazn Italia, Veronica Diquattro, did not reveal whether the price of 30-35 euros per month will be the right one, he only guaranteed in his interviews the “no to individual matches, you can only buy season tickets for the whole package. “.

A blow if that were the case. Just do four calculations for those looking at the offers streaming: 35 euros for Dazn, 30 for the cups on Sky, 10 for the key match in the Champions League on Amazon. 75 euros a month, 750 a year if the offers are left active for 10 months, they are really too much for the football show on TV.

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So here is the Tim Vision idea that could exploit the fact that Mediaset has secured the package streaming of the Champions. Just a hypothesis, but there are already those who make the price: 49.99 euros per month. –

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