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For artistic and rhythmic rain of medals

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For artistic and rhythmic rain of medals

Brilliant tests for Étoile and Sigma Gymnica Monterosa Acrobatics in Fossano were also good. Now races on the weekend


Good performances last Saturday, March 5 for the gymnasts of the Étoile Association of rhythmic and artistic gymnastics and of the Sigma Gymnica Monterosa (acrobatic gymnastics), both clubs in Pont-Saint-Martin, but with many Canavese athletes.

Starting from artistic gymnastics, an excellent trip to the Genoese land in Sant’Eusebio by Mia Biscardi, Emma Cilenti, Elisabetta Valli and Maite Barbieri, who obtained the first team place at the first interregional championship test of the promotional organization Csen. Gold medal also on an individual level, with Sofia Rigola. Étoile also a great protagonist in rhythmics, with these placings: Jennifer Pagan finished second in the first level Pupils category in the exercise of the ball. Always with the ball, category Silver Cup 1 students, first Angelica Brizio and fourth Miriam Patricolo, then good at repeating herself also in the free body. In the Silver Cup 1 Junior category Matilde Eusebio Bergò and Letizia Biasibetti finished first and fourth, respectively, both in the exercise with the ball and in the free body exercise. In the Silver Cup 2 Allieve, on the other hand, Étoile podiums both in the ball and in the ribbon: first Nicole Fileppo, followed by Anita Barilli and Gaia Dossetto. The same goes for the Silver Cup 2 Junior category again in ball and ribbon exercises: First Laura Vaccarino, second Rebecca Glauda and third Sophie Angele Ugolini with the ball, while on the ribbon first position of Rebecca Glauda, ​​then Laura Vaccarino and Sophie Angele Ugolini. In Seniors, on the other hand, Elena Conti first place in the Silver Cup 2 category both at the ball and at the ribbon. Instead, she had to “settle” for a first and a second place instead Beatrice Frassà in the Silver Cup 3 Junior, with the first place in the circle and the second in the ball. Étoile first team in the free body, thanks to Charlotte Ugolini, Jennifer Pagan, Sofia Oliva, Asia D’Orazio and Vilma Chirivì.

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In acrobatic gymnastics third place, out of seven teams, of Sigma Gymnica Monterosa at the interregional competition of the promotional body Pgs on Sunday 6 March in Fossano (Cuneo), thanks to the team made up of Liam Corsini, Martina Broglia and Alice Zunino.

For rhythmics, Étoile gymnasts on the platform from tomorrow, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 at the second individual championship test in Borgosesia, in the province of Vercelli, while for acrobatics, on Saturday 2 and 9 April the Sigma Gymnica Monterosa will be on stage in Imperia and Cumiana. –

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