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for The Hague right decisions, disastrous management – breaking latest news

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for The Hague right decisions, disastrous management – breaking latest news

by Carlos Passerini

According to the referees, Marco Di Bello did well not to give the penalty for Maignan’s intervention and also corrected Pellegrini’s expulsion: but the management of the match was disastrous

Referee Marco Di Bello will be out for a while: his direction in Lazio-Milan 0-1 on Friday evening at the Olimpico was judged to be terrible by his superiors, who will keep him at home for several weeks, probably a month. A severe punishment, not the first for the whistleblower from Brindisi, who is also an international and the protagonist of a negative season.

There was no penalty for Lazio and Pellegrini was rightly sent off

He is accused of not knowing how to manage the match, which also turned into a shameful saloon brawl through his fault, with 11 yellow cards and 3 sent off. Too many. A terrible show. Warning: this has nothing to do with the assessment of the penalty kick claimed by the Lazio team at the start of the match at 0-0 due to Maignan’s exit on Castellanos, who according to the leaders should not have been whistled. So di Bello wasn’t wrong.

But Di Bello’s poor management of the match

And not even on the episode of the first expulsion, the one for Pellegrini’s double yellow card, which generated the hysterical reaction of the Biancocelesti. The ball was in play and the full-back couldn’t help but be punished for holding Pulisic. The general management, however, is disastrous (this is the adjective circulating this morning in the buildings of The Hague). The referee, considered an expert, was unable to control the match, which immediately got out of hand.

Disappointment with Lotito’s sentences

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At the same time, the refereeing leaders do not hide their disappointment at the tirades of the Lazio president, Claudio Lotito, who on TV at the end of the match lashed out at the match director, speaking of an unreliable football system, denouncing that his team had been raped and that make it heard in the appropriate places (which ones?). The Hague has long asked for greater respect from players, coaches and managers, even in the face of obvious errors, which referees are the first to admit publicly, something that once did not happen.

Bad refereeing season

The fact remains that the 2023/24 season will indisputably fall short of expectations. Several factors have an impact: 1) generational change with many inexperienced young people; 2) a clear rejection of VAR which is sometimes used too much and sometimes too little; 3) the internal struggles and political clashes within the association, which has different currents, with the consequence that the necessary unity of purpose is lacking. It is natural that, although the designer Gianluca Rocchi is giving his all to raise a new generation, with courage and ideas, in the end those who take the field often end up making serious mistakes.

Di Bello, the precedents

Di Bello’s horror night is just the latest proof. In recent years, the 41-year-old from Puglia has made decisive mistakes more than once. One, very noticeable, at the beginning of this season: it was he who missed the sensational penalty in Juventus-Bologna, receiving (rightly) a punitive stoppage from his referee. A month, that time too. Do you remember? 71st minute, the Emilians are ahead 1-0, Iling intervenes in a clearly foul manner on Ndoye a few steps from the Juventus goal, with Perin on the ground: the solar contact, clearly visible even live, without the need for a replay, would be a penalty and expulsion, but referee Di Bello shoots straight, explaining to the benches that the two arrived at the ball together.

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A brilliant joke by Silvio Berlusconi comes to mind: What is the referee’s name? Beautiful? Well, it should be called Di Brutto. It was August 26, 2022, Monza had lost 2-1 at home to Udinese and the former prime minister then president of Brianza blew the Brindisi whistle in his own way.

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