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For the Quincitava in the lead there is only salvation but playout at 4 lengths

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For the Quincitava in the lead there is only salvation but playout at 4 lengths


The fourth time is the good one. After three games without a win in this first part of 2022, in fact, Quincitava managed to bring home the entire stake in the fourth attempt, beating Sportiva Nolese last Sunday on the third return day of Group B of Promotion with a goal. by Martino Zoppo. A very important success for the goal of Luca Serra’s club: to reach a peaceful salvation: “Already the week before against Caselle – says the sporting director of the Nerostellato club Gianluca Vallomy – there were the first signs that the team was giving positive signs. We had drawn 1-1 at home and there was regret, because the victory had escaped only in the last minutes. On Sunday, on the other hand, we managed to get a full booty, three points that were needed for the classification and morale ».

The sporting director of the nerostellati then talks about salvation, now Quincitava has made thirty points, is eighth in the standings with a margin of seven points on the playout area and is four points from the playoffs. At the end of the season there are still thirteen matches: “The saving rate is forty points and to reach it we will not have to pick up the matches with the teams behind us in the standings – explains Vallomy – starting on Sunday with Valsusa, a team entangled in playout area. From now to the end of the championship there will be many traps that we will have to be good at dodging, if we want to celebrate staying in the category at the end of the season. We need to focus on salvation. It is true that we are four points from the playoff zone, but we do not want to get upset. First of all, salvation, then if we are still close to the teams playing the playoffs, why not give it a try? Humility, maximum concentration must be our weapons to reach our goal. We also hope to recover some injuries, because we need everyone in this second part of the championship ».

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The Quincitava, after the Valsusa at home, will face in order: Rivarolese, Pianezza, Ivrea, Charvensod, Volpiano, Barcanova, Valdruento, Torinese, rest round and will conclude with Lascaris, Carrara 90, Banchette Ivrea and Alpignano. –

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