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For the Strambinese I return to victory but distant salvation

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For the Strambinese I return to victory but distant salvation

First category, the last success was on November 7th. Now there is more confidence

the rebirth


A gritty Strambinese 1924 on the first return day of group B of the First category returns to success after five rounds and does so by beating Gattinara away, 2-4. Never in this season had the Azzurri team scored four goals in a single match and to go back to their last success they must go back to Sunday 7 November, when Vescovi first and then Vicario beat Stefano Acotto 0-2, against Vischese. A rebirth, a new championship that the Strambinese 1924 wants to start in order to try to reach salvation as soon as possible, the primary objective of the club, as explained by the sporting director Beppe Varsalona: “On Sunday we returned to win also because some of our players, Pallante , Ferrero and Giacoletto above all, have finally improved their physical condition and their contribution has been decisive. In addition to them – comments Varsalona – the rest of the team also played with greater conviction, unleashing a wonderful performance in terms of play and determination. Now we hope that this victory is the beginning of a new championship ».

The Strambinese 1924 despite the victory over Gattinara, is in third from last position, at 15: “We promised ourselves not to look at the standings – says Varsalona – but we will try to take away more points from any situation, whether at home or away, then at the end of the season we will sum up. Our goal was, is and will be, to stay next year in the first category. We strongly believe in the human and technical values ​​of the team, we did it even when the results did not arrive, even more so we have to do it now after a victory. If we are complete, we can have our say in a season that was not born under the best auspices, given the countless injuries ».

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In the first leg against Gattinara, at Giuseppe Bertotti di Strambino, the Azzurri team got a 2-2, now instead, one group later they won 2-4, already winning two points more than in the first leg: “We started the game better. second round, not only thanks to the victory, but also because of the personality performance offered, we have to think from game to game, without making too many calculations ». –

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