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Forbes Female Athlete Earnings Ranking 2021

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On January 13, Forbes magazine announced the 2021 TOP10 female athlete earning list, and tennis players occupy four of them. Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka topped the list again after 2020 ($57.3 million), followed by American tennis star Serena Williams with $45.9 million. The latter three earn a far cry from the two of them.

According to Forbes estimates, the world‘s ten highest-paid female athletes will have combined pretax earnings of $167 million in 2021, a 23 percent increase from 2020 and a 16 percent increase from the previous record of $143.3 million set in 2013. But Naomi Osaka and Serena contributed nearly all of the growth, and none of the other women on the list had a chance to rank among the highest-paid male and female athletes in the world. (On the 2021 Forbes Athlete list as of May this year, Naomi Osaka was ranked 12th, and Serena was ranked 28th.)

Forbes list of the world‘s richest female athletes (source: NetEase Sports)

According to previous lists, basically the top ten athletes are from tennis and golf, but this year, Indian badminton player Sindhu also ranked seventh; in addition, American gymnast Biles ranked fourth, which is a gymnast Listed for the first time. Chinese tennis player Li Na once entered the list from 2010 to 2014, the highest ranked second. Former Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova topped the list for eleven consecutive years.

The following is the 2021 TOP10 female athlete income list (unit: ten thousand US dollars):

1, Naomi Osaka (Netkyu, Japan): 5730

2. Serena Williams (Tennis, USA): 4590

3. Serena Williams (Tennis, USA): 1130

4. Byers (Gymnastics, USA): 1010

5. Muguruza (Tennis, Spain): 880

6. Ko Jinyoung (Golf, South Korea): 750

7. Sindhu (Badminton, India): 720

8. Barty (Tennis, Australia): 690

9. Kodak (Golf, USA): 590

10. Parker (Basketball, USA): 570

Original title: Forbes female athlete income list: Osaka Naomi topped the list and Serena was second

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