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Former Han Army coach Li Tie takes charge of Wuhan Forces to help the National Football team advance to the top 12

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Former Han army coach Li Tiehuan will give brilliant performances

Wuhan forces help the national football advance to the top 12

The Chinese team thanked the fans after the game, Xinhua News Agency issued

Zhang Xizhe

□Xu Ping, journalist of Chutian Metropolis Daily

In the early morning of June 16, Beijing time, the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Qualifiers Group A began the final round of competition. With the goals of Zhang Xizhe, Wu Lei and Zhang Yuning, the Chinese men’s football team won the Sharjah Stadium in the UAE. 3:1 Lectra against the Syrian team, in the final 8 games, 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, accumulating 19 points, and advanced to the top 12 in the Asian region with the second place among the 8 groups.

This is a national football team that Jingchu fans are particularly familiar with and close to, because it is led by the former head coach of Wuhan team Li Tie. Its main assistant Zheng Bin is a famous football player in Wuhan. Other members of the coaching team and the medical security team are also Li Tie. The original team when coaching the Wuhan team. In this team, there are also many Wuhan players such as Hao Junmin, Zhang Xizhe, Tomorrow, etc. They have fully demonstrated the “Wuhan power”.

Tie Shuai handed in a perfect answer

With the success of the Wuhan team, Li Tie took over from Lippi the national football coach, leading his team to compete in the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian qualifiers. In the final match of the group stage, they defeated the Syrian team 3:1 and delivered a perfect answer with a wave of four consecutive victories.

This is a national football that has made Lippi feel powerless. After losing 1:2 to the Syrian team in the first round, Silver Fox resigned and left a mess; this is also a national football born in a special period. Since taking charge of the national football in January 2020, affected by the epidemic, Li Tie Leading the team has no international competitions to play, and can only play against domestic club teams in the six training sessions. The value of exercise is dubious.

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On May 30, the national football team, which embarked on the remaining journey of the top 40 with a question mark, defeated the Guam team 7-0 and made a good start. After the unexpected move to Sharjah, UAE, Li Tie and his disciples withstood the influence of many unfavorable factors such as high temperature and changes in the schedule. They defeated the Philippines 2:0 and the Maldives 5:0, finally regaining control of their destiny. In his own hands. In the first battle with Syria, the national football team was equalized, but did not lose the chain again, and finally won a battle of rectification.

The national football team led by Li Tie seems to show us the Han army who fought in the Super League for the first time in 2019. After being unable to further improve the overall strength in a short time, Li Tie brought more spiritual changes to this team. On the court, the players run actively and hard. “Unity is like iron”, this is one of the loudest slogans of the national football team after Li Tie took office. At least from the performance of the last four games of the group stage, these four words are indeed loud and loud.

Han will open the door to victory

In the previous national footballs, there are many Wuhan players, and the national team led by Li Tie is no exception. The first battle with Syria opened the door to victory for the national football team. It was Zhang Xizhe, a Wuhan player from the Beijing Guoan team.

As a technical midfielder, Zhang Xizhe has both advantages and disadvantages. In Lippi’s era, he was not reused. However, under Li Tie, Zhang Xizhe has become an important weapon on the offensive end of the national football team. In the first battle against Syria, Zhang Xizhe started the game. In the 42nd minute, he received a pass from Wu Lei and used a precise volley to break the deadlock for the long-term national football team. After scoring a goal, Zhang Xizhe held up the T-shirt of “We are waiting for you to come back” to wish the Wuhan players who were injured before returning as soon as possible tomorrow.

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With his outstanding performance, Zhang Xizhe was named the best player of the game. At the press conference after the match, he said: “Those who watched this game should be able to see our desire to win. We implemented the coach’s request and played a good game.” When a reporter asked him to comment When the national football team changed in the past year or so, Zhang Xizhe said: “A year and a half ago, I did not play as a substitute. I think that as long as we can show our strength, we are fully capable of standing on the stage of the top 12.”

In addition to Zhang Xizhe, another Wuhan midfielder, Hao Junmin, who was injured before, also got the opportunity to come on the bench to help the team defeat the Syrian team 3:1.

The top 12 matches expect a miracle

For the national football team aiming to hit the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, qualifying from the group is only the first step to success, and the next top 12 games are the real big test. In the last 12 finals of the World Cup, the national football team led by Gao Hongbo lost early hope of promotion. Now that the opportunity is in front of us again, can Li Tie lead this new national football team and bring surprises to the fans?

After the national football advances to the top 12 matches, the top 12 lists are all released. They are the Syrian team, Australia team, Iran team, Saudi Arabia team, Japan team, UAE team, South Korea team, and the team with the best results. The second place is the Chinese team, the Iraq team, the Oman team, the Vietnam team, and the Lebanon team.

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According to regulations, in addition to the host Qatar, there will be 4.5 seats in the Asian region of the 2022 World Cup. The top 12 competition adopts a two-group double round-robin system. The top four teams in the group will advance directly, and the third-placed teams in the two groups will compete, and the winner will compete with teams from other continents to qualify for promotion. From the perspective of strength and past record, it is difficult for teams in the Asian region to successfully break through. Therefore, if the national football team wants to realize the World Cup dream again, it must strive for the top two in the group.

At present, the top 12 teams have been divided into categories, and the national football team and the UAE team are in the fourth stage. The top two teams are Japan, Iran, South Korea and Australia.

Facing the top four in Asia, is there any hope for the national football team to counterattack? With the current staffing and combat capabilities of this national football team, the road to promotion will be extremely difficult and dangerous. After the top 12 teams in the Asian region were produced, the football data prediction website analyzed the promotion probability of 12 teams. Japan led the way with 84%, and the national team ranked second last with 3.68%.

The top 12 tournament will start in September this year. “Every game, we will play as a final!” Li Tie said.

National Football Promotion Road September 10, 2019

Maldives team 0:5 Chinese team

October 10, 2019

Chinese team 7:0 Guam team

October 15, 2019

Philippines team 0:0 China team

November 14, 2019

Syrian team 2: 1 Chinese team

May 30 2021

Guam team 0:7 Chinese team

June 8, 2021

Chinese team 2: 0 Philippines team

June 12, 2021

Chinese team 5:0 Maldives team

June 16, 2021

Chinese team 3: 1 Syrian team

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