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Former striker Aldo Serena: «Beto needs to improve on all aspects, even his coolness in the area»

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Former striker Aldo Serena: «Beto needs to improve on all aspects, even his coolness in the area»

There is advice from a striker for Udinese who resumed training at Bruseschi on Monday 5 December with the national teams back in the group, with the exception of the “world” Cameroonian Enzo Ebosse.

There are also Aldo Serena’s advice for Beto, a center forward of tonnage like him, the man who played and scored in the Milan and Turin derbies with four different shirts, feeling so many emotions that he wanted to write them in the book he will soon present in Friuli , where the current Mediaset commentator has identified a valued Udinese with an impactful coach and a center forward to polish.

Serena, the championship that is giving way to the World Cup has finished with Udinese in eighth position…

“And to think that he hasn’t won the last seven games in which I’ve noticed a team that hasn’t managed to capitalize on good performances.”

It’s like saying that scoring is always the hardest thing to do in football…

«The team is valid, Sottil has had a strong impact on the group, demonstrating that the club has found the right person to enhance the player base, but in terms of the game, I believe that Beto’s contribution needs to be rationalized more now».

Does Portuguese have a lower yield than its potential?

«I see it rather instinctive. He seems awkward in the stretch even if he then gets to the ball, but it’s in the penalty area that he needs to improve in all respects, including the necessary coolness. For me he is still a rough stone that needs to be worked on, but if he wants to make the leap in quality it will depend above all on him, because Udinese know how to build talent: Beto is in the right place».

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From the Friulian Juventus of the present to that of the past, what memories does Udinese evoke?

«Zico and the great lesson he gave me in a Turin-Udinese match in which I constantly scolded my partner Schachner. Zico approached me and told me I was wrong, because by scolding him I would have confused him even more. Zico knew how to look beyond and when I met him after many years, reminding him of the moral slap he gave me, I thanked him ».

Pill of a distant kick that she wanted to revive in her book in which she also talks about another “slap”, the penalty she missed in the semifinal of the Italy ’90 World Cup with Argentina.

«I dedicated the first chapter of my book to that episode, which I didn’t write out of vanity, but to remember that football can be educational and training if its aggregative power is respected. I shouldn’t have taken that penalty, but coach Vicini told me he couldn’t find anyone available. So I accepted, but when I got up to go kick my body went one way and my mind another».

You were also the man of the derbies, one of the few to play them on both sides, both in Milan and in Turin.

«Inter often loaned me out, but looking back on it, I was lucky to play and score in those derbies with packed stadiums. In that unique energy, the goal made me enter an unknown space where for ten seconds I lost consciousness of things and became one with the cheering fans. Here, those ten seconds are the ones I regretted in my post career because there is no equivalence of communion with others equal to that».

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