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Former Tianjin TEDA Club Chairman and General Manager Shuangshuang Under Investigation | Dong Wensheng | General Manager Li Guangyi

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[Epoch Times December 08, 2021]On the evening of December 7, the Tianjin Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Chinese Communist Party issued a notice. Former Tianjin TEDA Club Chairman Dong Wensheng and General Manager Li Guangyi were under investigation. Earlier, it was reported that Dong Wensheng was reported by his real name and taken away for investigation.

The Daily Economic News reported that both Dong Wensheng and Li Guangyi were under investigation, which is a heavy news from Chinese football.

Tianjin TEDA used to be a strong team in the Chinese Super League, representing the Chinese Super League in the AFC Champions League many times.

According to the official website, Tianjin TEDA Football Club was established on February 16, 1998. It was restructured into a limited liability company in April 2003 with a registered capital of RMB 50 million. It was constructed by Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Tianjin TEDA Group Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Development Zone. The Group, Northern International Trust and Investment Company, and the State-owned Assets Management Company of the Development Zone jointly invest, and the controlling party is TEDA Investment Holding Co., Ltd.

According to public information, Dong Wensheng has served as deputy director of the office of Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding Co., Ltd., secretary and manager of the party branch of TEDA Public Transport Company, secretary of the Party Committee, chairman and general manager of Binhai Public Transport Company. He has served as chairman of Tianjin TEDA Football Club since 2017.

According to Lu Media reports, Dong Wensheng succeeded Gao Yingqin as the chairman of TEDA Football Club in July 2017. In recent seasons, the TEDA club has been mediocre and has struggled to relegation. At the beginning of last season, TEDA Football Club suffered a serious financial crisis, owing hundreds of millions of yuan in wages to players and employees.

In early 2021, the investor Tianjin TEDA Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. will withdraw from football, and the club will be managed by Tianjin Sports Bureau.

It was reported earlier that Dong Wensheng, the former chairman of Tianjin TEDA Football Club, was taken away for investigation by relevant Tianjin authorities in July this year. Since then, former Tianjin TEDA assistant coaches Chi Rongliang, Wang Xiao and others have been under investigation.

According to the announcement issued by the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Binhai New Area People’s Congress at the end of September: According to relevant regulations, Dong Wensheng (the 53rd constituency)’s qualification as a deputy to the third Tianjin Binhai New Area People’s Congress was terminated.

In December 2020, a document circulated on the Internet in which Dong Wensheng, then chairman of the TEDA Club, was reported by his real name, alleging that he was suspected of embezzlement and bribery.

In April of this year, the accounts of Tianjin TEDA Football Club were fully audited. The content of Dong Wensheng’s real-name report disclosed on the Internet is related to his alleged corruption and bribery in the introduction of foreign aid and foreign teachers during his tenure in the club.

According to public information, Li Guangyi has served as the director of the information department of the Tianjin Development Zone Information Consultation Center, the deputy manager of Tianjin TEDA Industrial Company, the assistant general manager of Zhongao Sports Company, the deputy general manager of Tianjin TEDA Co., Ltd., and the general manager of Tianjin TEDA Football Club Co., Ltd. .

In 2008, Li Guangyi succeeded Li Bo as the general manager of TEDA and was regarded as the chief steward of TEDA. Because he is a recognized big man in Jinmen football and has been in charge of the TEDA football team for many years.

After Li Guangyi became the general manager of TEDA, the first thing he did was to force the team’s main players to sign low-paid long-term contracts. The TEDA players don’t buy it. There was a strike of 6 TEDA players that caused a sensation in Chinese football.

During Li Guangyi’s tenure, TEDA youth training and Tianjin players lost a lot of time. Li Guangyi left TEDA at the end of 2015.

On December 8, “Treasurer Luo” published an article on Sohu that Jinmen football has become the hardest hit area of ​​Chinese football’s anti-corruption campaign. The two TEDA assistants Wang Xiao and Chi Rongliang were taken away, which is just the beginning. Perhaps more big fish will surface in the future.

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