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Formula 1, if Ferrari wins I go from London to Maranello with a Panda

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Formula 1, if Ferrari wins I go from London to Maranello with a Panda

His name is Daniel Drury, he was an engineer at Red Bull for six years, and in reaction to the rumors about the progress of the red for 2023 he launched his bet… We will be happy to provide him with a map with stages of tourist interest along the 1390 km

Mario Salvini


Luckily there is a way to stay a little cheerful. You know what a bore, otherwise: Ferrari’s presentation is 20 days away, a month and a half until the start of the championship. So it’s nice to enjoy some cabaret. As you certainly know, for days there have been rumors from well-informed people who fantasize about the prodigious progress of the new Ferrari, for now denominated with the initials of the project, 675. There is talk of 1″ less on the lap, things like that. And they are rumors that gas millions of people: in the end, being a fan means projecting one’s aspirations into the results of a team, a car, a driver (or two). Therefore, hopes too. It costs nothing, it’s the beauty of the off-season, in which everyone can dream in the same way, and therefore on social networks there are intersections of illusions and mockery, of proclamations and sarcasm.

Dan Drury, former Senior Systems Engineer at Red Bull, jumped into the trap, where he remained from 2016 to just under a year ago. Since he is no longer part of a team, he vents well via Twitter. When news broke of his now former club’s breach of the Budget Cap, so to speak, he tweeted sarcastically: “It’s nice to see people fired only to find out the rules were broken anyway.” Today he has entered the story of the Ferrari to come. With his usual irony: “The Ferrari 675 – he chirped cheerfully – presents one of the craziest innovations I’ve ever seen in the course of my F1 career. It is truly revolutionary and the advantages it will achieve in lap times will be enormous. No need to wait for it to hit the track to realize that. With limited simulator development it will be difficult for others to catch up: will they enjoy this advantage for years?

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It wasn’t his only freak of the day, though. Also today, he guaranteed that “If Stroll wins a race…” he will drink a pint of maple syrup in front of the Canadian Embassy. Indeed, “I gulp down” a pint, he wrote: it is therefore assumed that the intention is to finish it off in a single gulp, “by the drop”, as they say. Wishes. But that’s not what struck the imagination of most of his followers, many of whom are evidently Ferrari enthusiasts. As expected, someone reacted to the provocation on the red. And then he detached his prophecy / sentence, implicit in the penalty that he says he is willing to pay. “If Ferrari wins the championship, I will go from London to Maranello in a Fiat Panda to apologize”.

We have quite a bit of time ahead. In the meantime, it would be interesting to know if he has any idea of ​​how to get hold of a Panda, assuming he doesn’t already own one. And then, if anything, the Gazzetta will take care of providing him with an itinerary with stops of tourist, artistic, landscape and gastronomic interest along the 1390 from the English capital to that of the Italian motors.

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