Home Sports Four goals in Cava, the draw pleases everyone

Four goals in Cava, the draw pleases everyone

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Four goals in Cava, the draw pleases everyone

Garlasco moves the ranking by winning the first point, Cavese does not despair. Zohar on a penalty fixes the final 2-2

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Four goals in Cava Manara for a Solomonic 2-2 that pleases everyone. If Garlasco moves the ranking with his first point, Cavese does the same. It is the home team that takes the lead first, then gets caught up and overtakes in the second half. The penalty is decisive for the division of the points. «It was a balanced match – explains Stefano Gandolfi, Cavese coach – Garlasco is a good team. We? We have some shortcomings in defense, as the goals conceded show. We have a lot of quality in front and in the final, if we had managed the siege on the goal of our opponents better, we would have risked winning ». On the opposite front, coach Roberto Gioia underlines: «It was a hard-fought match. The opponents at the beginning put us under, but we were good at getting the game back on its feet. At that point Cavese equalized. We took a step forward from the point of view of character and personality and a step back from a technical point of view, also because on the field of Cava it is difficult to play the ball on the ground ».

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Cavese presses and restarts giving a high pace to the match and after twenty minutes goes ahead. The active Ialenti earns a golden ball with his speed and on the goalkeeper’s exit he beats him with a diagonal. Garlasco reacts and after five minutes Pedroni finds the equalizer on the right. In fact, a cross starts from the left and on the uncertain exit of Mennella, the Garlaschese could hit on the fly with an empty net, but his shot goes high. However, it is only the prologue of the equalizer goal. This time it is Pedroni who calibrates the low and central pass for the very fast Pira who anticipates Mennella at the exit and equalizes. Garlasco continues to create and Cavese to defend itself, so much so that at the last minute of the first half Pira calibrates the pass to Meneghetti who anticipates Mennella with an elegant touch but the ball is printed on the crossbar. It starts with the replacement of Villa with Likmeta and things change for Cavese. On the attacks of the hosts, Garlasco reacts with the counterattack and not even after ten minutes does he take the lead. The ball arrives at Meneghetti who releases an unstoppable torpedo for Mennella from the edge of the area.

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Immediate reaction of Cavese who equalized after five minutes. After an overhead kick out of Ndoja, the hosts press, win a ball that reaches Likmeta in the area, who is squeezed between two defenders and falls. The rigor is made by Zohar. The end is from Cavese, even if Garlasco has some chances too, like the one foiled by Delu who literally tears the ball from Meneghetti’s foot two meters from the goal line. –

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