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Fourteenth Winter | Hebei team won the final championship of biathlon-Xinhuanet

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Hebei Team Wins Biathlon Mixed Relay at National Winter Games

The Hebei team emerged victorious in the biathlon open group mixed relay (4X6 kilometers) final at the 14th National Winter Games, held at Liangcheng Ski Resort in Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia. With a time of 1 hour, 12 minutes, 38 seconds and 9 seconds, they clinched the championship, while the Liaoning team and Inner Mongolia team secured the runner-up and third place positions respectively. This win marks the conclusion of all 11 gold medals in the “Fourteen Winters” biathlon competition.

The mixed relay race featured teams comprising two men and two women, with each member skating 6 kilometers and shooting twice. Athletes were allowed 5 rounds of ammunition and 3 spare rounds per shot. Failure to hit the target with the spare rounds resulted in a penalty lap on the 150-meter-long track.

Seven teams competed in the finals, with the Liaoning team taking the lead in the first leg, thanks to veteran Tang Jialin’s impressive performance. The Hebei team, led by star Chu Yuanmeng, managed to overtake Liaoning in the second leg, with a lead of 24.8 seconds.

In the final round, Hebei’s Yan Xingyuan and Liaoning’s Cheng Fangming battled it out, exchanging the lead multiple times. Despite challenges and shooting errors, Yan Xingyuan maintained his composure, ultimately securing the victory for his team.

Reflecting on the win, Yan Xingyuan praised his teammates’ performance and expressed confidence in inspiring younger players to strive for excellence. “Today everyone performed at the same level as in training. I am proud of my teammates. I believe that a good performance in the Winter Games will become a motivation for the young players to move forward,” he stated.

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The Hebei team’s triumph in the mixed relay event adds to the excitement of the National Winter Games, showcasing the skill and determination of athletes from across the country.

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