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Free birth control pill on the French model: Aifa’s meeting to decide

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Free birth control pill on the French model: Aifa’s meeting to decide

Free contraceptive pill? Not yet, but the project is “work in progress“. In fact, the technical-scientific path that could lead, hopefully in the near future, to free drug use for girls has begun today. children under 25, as is already the case in France. Beyond the Alps, the revolution in women’s reproductive rights was recently launched, with the proposal of the Minister of Health and Prevention François Braun to make the morning-after pill free and available without a prescription for all women. In Italy, on the other hand, it would be a question of providing young people with a free form of contraception (no emergency), giving a strong impetus to the rebalancing of those disparities that exist in this area between males and females.

The gynecologist: “A step forward for women’s health”

Aifa’s decision could be based on the French model, where both the contraceptive pill and the morning after are free

The competent committees of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa), then the technical-scientific one (Cts) and the price and reimbursement committee (Cpr), in fact, met to decide the path to take to get to the reimbursement of oral contraceptives. The topic was on the agenda of the meeting on Wednesday 5 October and the decision of Ctf and Cpr, if positive, would follow the example of what is already happening in some regions Italian. In Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Puglia and Lombardy, in fact, the under 25 can already today request the pill for free consultors. According to the data reported by the Agency, there are 2.5 million Italians who make daily use of the contraceptive. The possibility that AIFA decides for the free contraceptive pill for under 25s “is definitely a step necessary“, Says the gynecologist Emilio Arisi, former president of the Italian medical society for contraception (Smic), interviewed by beraking latest news Salute. “As gynecologists we had already presented a document on this possibility in 2018 – he adds – demonstrating how it was a step of civilizationa step forward for women’s sexual and reproductive health, because unplanned or unwanted pregnancies are avoided, and also savings for the National Health Service ”.

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Adinolfi: “The opposite of what Italy needs”

Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Puglia and Lombardy offer the drug free of charge in the clinics

The specialist therefore refers to a particularly sensitive issue, such as that of unwanted pregnancies, which is inevitably linked to that of abortion. And that has been inflaming the Italian public debate for a few weeks before and after the elections. “Our point of reference should be France – continues Arisi – where in addition to the contraceptive pill, the emergency pill is also free. The French Minister of Health, an emergency doctor, has openly said that if access to these drugs is free for women there is a significant reduction of abortionsconsequently also of surgical interventionse the incidence of some cancers“, Concludes the gynecologist, thus openly siding in favor of the free use of oral contraceptives.
Of a completely different opinion – and as one could not expect anything different – Mario Adinolfiwho entrusts his thoughts to Twitter: “Among Ru486 in the clinics, the 5-day pill later without a prescription for all, free contraceptives, everything is done to prevent children from being born – writes the national president of the Popolo della Famiglia -. The opposite of what Italy needs“. Of which he obviously understands more than doctors and scientists.

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