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French Open: Djokovic, Nadal advance to the quarter-finals, Svyatke and become the “big seed” single seedlings in women’s singles

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French Open: Djokovic and Nadal advance to the quarter-finals of Svyatke and become the only seedlings of women’s singles “big seeds”

2021 French Open men’s singles champion Djokovic and Nadal ushered in their fourth round on the 7th. They also faced two Italian teenagers. Although both of them succeeded in qualifying, they had a big way to get through. Different.

The top seed Djokovic’s opponent is the 19-year-old Musetti, who is ranked 76th in the world. Both sides fought to the “tie-break” in the first two games, and the world number one lost the two sets of “the tie-break”. Put yourself in a desperate situation.

“At the beginning of the game, I was very nervous. To be honest, I was even more nervous than when I was two sets behind.” Djokovic said after the game. “I was even a little grateful that I lost the first two sets because I was there. In this tense state, I can’t play at my own level. Of course, my opponents are also playing very well.”

After the start of the third set, Djokovic showed people the strength of the world‘s number one. A straight forehand, a straight backhand, a small ball in front of the net…The Serbian’s rich “arsenal” made it impossible for the opponents to parry. At 6:1, 6:0, Djokovic made two consecutive sets to tie the score. When the tiebreaker score came to 4:0, Musetti chose to retire. The final score is 6:7 (7), 6:7 (2), 6:1, 6:0 and 4:0.

“After returning to the court in the third set, I felt like I was a different person.” Djokovic said, “At the end of the third set, I saw that the opponent’s body was a bit unable to keep up. It gave me more motivation to put pressure on him and finally win the game.”

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Musetti was not discouraged after the loss. He said after the game that he “never had a performance like today.” “The first two games were too long, more than two hours. Of course I was a little disappointed that I didn’t win the game, but after all I won two games from the number one in the world.”

In the quarter-finals, Djokovic will face another Italian player, Berrettini, who won the quarterfinals without a fight due to Federer’s retirement.

Defending champion Nadal continued his sweeping performance. Facing the Italian Cinna, Nadal defeated his opponent in straight sets with 7:5, 6:3 and 6:0.

In women’s singles, the fourth seed and last French Open runner-up Konin was eliminated by Greek player Sakari 6:1 and 6:3 on the same day, which also made the defending champion and Polish girl Svyatke become the quarter-finals of women’s singles. The only seeded player in the top ten, Svyatke defeated the 18-year-old Ukrainian star Kostiuk 6:3 and 6:4 this round. (Finish)

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