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French Open Miglioz single-round -9 shot reversed to win Zhang Huilin’s T72 finish_Mus Haig_Player_Roma

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French Open Miglioz single-round -9 shot reversed to win Zhang Huilin’s T72 finish_Mus Haig_Player_Roma

Original title: French Open Miglioz single-round -9 reversal to win Zhang Huilin T72 finish

(European Golf Tour/Graphic) Late at night on September 25th, Beijing time, the 2022 French Open ended in surprise. Before the start of the fourth round, Italian player Guido Miglioz, who was 5 shots behind the leader, shot an excellent score of -9 in this round, surpassing the previous leader Rasmus Hager of Denmark. Won his third DP World Tour victory. Rasmus Haig was runner-up by one stroke. Belgian Thomas Pieters, South African George Kanzea and French native Paul Baron ranked T3.

Chinese player Zhang Huilin finished the race with a total score of +6, and finally ranked T72.


Before the fourth round, Guido Miglioz, who was at -7 at the time, was not considered a favorite to win. And after he set off, he passed the first five holes with par in a row, and did not show a rising momentum. It also seems to confirm people’s predictions.

(Leading list after the fourth round)

And Rasmus Haig, who played later, made a birdie on the par-3 2nd hole with a +8 in the third round, and then made an eagle on the 3rd hole. The overall score rose to -15 strokes. It seems that Hagrid is back in shape. Having successfully led three rounds, his hopes of winning the championship seem to be becoming a reality.

However, the situation on the field has quietly changed. Miglioz started on the 6th hole with five consecutive birdies to raise his total score to -12. He made a solid birdie putt from 12 yards on the par-4 No. 7 hole. Miglioz, whose state and ranking were on the rise, began to become the focus of attention on the field.

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At this time, Rasmus Haig suffered two consecutive bogeys on the 8th and 9th holes, and his total score immediately dropped to -13, which was only 100. One shot difference. The suspense of the championship competition reappears.

(Miglioz on the field)

Although Hagrid also made a birdie on the 10th hole to widen the gap between him and Miglioz to two shots. Miglioz, who could find the state, made two birdies on the 13th and 14th holes, tying Hagrid in one fell swoop. On the difficult par-4 15th hole, Miglioz’s second shot over the water barrier went straight to the flag, and the ball finally landed about 4 yards from the hole. Then he hit a putt, won the key birdie, and got a solo lead!

(Hagrid on the field)

At this time, Hagrid was not reconciled to being left behind. He started after Miglios with another birdie on the 14th hole and tenaciously tied Miglios. Next, on the difficult 15th hole, Hagrid passed with an even par. George Kanzea and Thomas Peters, who were in the same group as Hagrid, made 3 bogeys and double bogeys respectively because of the ball into the water, which also shows the difficulty of the 15th hole.

(Miglioz on the field)

Miglioz, who had started earlier, made it to the par-4 18th. In the fourth round, no one has yet made a birdie on the 18th hole. However, the 18th hole could not stop the hot Italian. Facing the island-shaped green surrounded by water obstacles, Miglioz made a small slice in the second shot. After the ball hit the ground, it went straight to the flagpole and wiped the hole. then stop. Miglioz didn’t miss the chance, and pushed the ball in the third shot, becoming the first player in the round to make a birdie on the 18th hole, so that his single-round score came to -9, and his total score rose to -16 , once again leading Hagrid by one shot, gaining the club’s lead.

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After being overtaken again, Hagrid’s offensive was overwhelmed. He passed the 16th to 18th holes evenly and could only watch Miglioz become the French Open champion.

(Miglioz won the championship poster)

The French Open title was the third DP World Tour victory of the 25-year-old’s career. His first two wins came in 2019. After the game, Miglioz said: “I just want to play as comfortable as possible. Yesterday, Hagrid’s mistake on the 2nd hole made the title fight in suspense again. And all I have to do is show a good performance. “

(Miglioz poses with the trophy)

After winning this match, Miglioz also set his sights on next year’s Ryder Cup in his native Italy: “The selection of the European team has already started from the BMW European Championship. Winning the French Open is very important to me. It’s been a great start and I look forward to continuing to perform well. It’s a dream of mine to play in the Ryder Cup in Rome.”

Zhang Huilin made 4 birds and 6 bogeys this round, +2 strokes, and the total score came to +6 strokes, ranking T72 to finish the race.Return to Sohu, see more


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