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French Open – Sabalenka 2-0 wins Sima Stephens Mertens into the third round – yqqlm

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French Open – Sabalenka 2-0 wins Sima Stephens Mertens into the third round – yqqlm

Original title: French Open – Sabalenka 2-0 over Cema Stephens Mertens into the third round

In the early morning of June 1st, Beijing time, the fourth day of the 2023 Grand Slam French Open ended. In the second round of the women’s singles, the No. 2 seed Sabalenka defeated Greek 7-5/6-2. Manovic won 9 consecutive Grand Slams. In other games, the famous American Stephens defeated Grachova 6-2/6-1, Mertens defeated Osorio 6-3/7-6, and No. 3 seed Pegula withdrew in the second set to advance third round.

Sabalenka 2-0 Simanovic (7-5/6-2)

After experiencing the curse of the fourth round of the Grand Slam in the past few seasons, the Belarusian player Sabalenka has reached the semi-finals of the US Open and Wimbledon in the first two seasons. Sabalenka won the Australian Open at the beginning of this season. First Grand Slam title of his career. After the Australian Open, Sabalenka also won the Madrid Championship. This year, he played as the No. 2 seed in the French Open. After defeating Kostyuk in the first round, his opponent in the second round was his compatriot Šimanovic.

In the first set, Sabalenka quickly found the serve state and easily secured a 3-2 lead in the first three serve games. In the sixth game, Sabalenka began to attack the opponent and scored consecutive second serves to break serve 4 -2 lead. In the seventh game, Sabalenka sent the game with double faults in a row. After that, Sabalenka led 6-5 by each of them. At the end of the game, Shimanovic had to protect the serve, and saved two break points after the inventory Losing the game, Sabalenka won the first set 7-5.

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In the second set, Sabalenka continued to be strong in the opening stage. In the first game, lovegame took the lead and broke serve in the second game to lead 2-0. Shimanovic quickly broke back in the third game, but the serve was not in good condition. The serve could not be guaranteed, and Sabalenka established a 4-1 advantage with consecutive breaks and guarantees. Shimanovic, who was behind in the score, was unable to counterattack. Sabalenka led the way 6-2 to win the second set and advanced to the third round of the French Open women’s singles with a total score of 2-0.

Pegula retires in second set

The American player Pegula has reached the quarter-finals of the Australian Open in the last two consecutive seasons. This season, his state has continued to improve and he won the runner-up in Doha. He defeated the famous player Collins in straight sets. In the second round, Pegula’s opponent was the Italian veteran Giorgi, who eliminated the local star Kone in the first round.

In the first game, Pegula quickly launched an impact as soon as he came up. He got a 40-15 consecutive break point in the first game, and then cut the ball in front of the net to complete the break point. Even broke the belt to secure a 4-0 lead. In the fifth game, Giorgi made a slight improvement to resolve the break point and secured the serve, but he was still unable to make a difference in the opponent’s serve. Pegula secured the serve and won the first set 6-2. In the second set, Giorgi was unable to persist due to injury and chose to retire. Pegula advanced to the third round and will face the Belgian player Mertens.

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Stephens 2-0 Grachova (6-2/6-1)

American star Stephens is the champion of the 2017 US Open and the runner-up of the 2018 French Open. The last two seasons have been in a downturn. , the second round opponent is Grachova.

In the first set, Grachova, who took the lead to serve, encountered a strong attack from her opponent in the first game. Stephens scored consecutive high-quality offensive points from the bottom line to complete the break, and took advantage of the trend to get a 3-1 start. In the fifth game, Grachova’s state fluctuated again. Stephens won the break point and then scored in a straight line with a backhand attack to win the game. After that, he withstood the opponent’s counterattack and Stephens easily won the first set 6-2.

In the second set, Stephens still started with all his strength. He successfully cashed in the third break point in the first game. After that, he won the 40-15 break point in the third game with the advantage of high-quality serve return. The score leads 4-0. In the fifth game, Grachova secured her serve to avoid swallowing eggs, and Stephens won the second set with a 6-1 break, and advanced to the third round of the French Open women’s singles with a total score of 2-0.

In other women’s singles matches on this match day, the No. 9 seed Kasatkina 6-3/6-4 overtook the former runner-up Wandrosova, and the star Svitolina 2-6/6-3/6-1 Reversing Hunter, No. 17 seed Ostapenko lost to Stearns 3-6/6-1/2-6 upset, No. 28 seed Mertens beat Osorli 6-3/7-6 Oh, 2021 US Open runner-up Fernandez lost to Towson 3-6/7-5/4-6 and was out.

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