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Frequent appearances in international sports events, Chinese brands go to the world – International – Overseas Network

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Frequent appearances in international sports events, Chinese brands go to the world – International – Overseas Network

Abstract: With the rapid development of China‘s economy and the acceleration of its participation in economic globalization, the international demand of Chinese brands is becoming more and more strong.

The website of the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit recently published an article saying that in recent months, Chinese symbols, brands and greetings have been seen almost everywhere in stadiums around the world, and the number may be more than ever. At the European Football Championship held last summer, one-third of the 12 official tournament sponsors came from China. No country has given so much financial support to this race of European nations as China. This is a development that has become clearer in recent years: The more popular and financially successful a sport is, the more important the role Chinese sponsors play in it.

Under the wave of economic globalization, more and more Chinese brands go abroad and go global. In recent years, Chinese brands have frequently appeared in international sports events, attracting widespread attention at home and abroad.

Sports without borders”. International sports events are geared to global audiences, with fast dissemination, wide dissemination, and cost-effective advertising. Therefore, sports marketing has become a popular option for Chinese brands to go overseas. In addition to purchasing stand billboards, Chinese brands also provide sponsorships such as clothing, venues, and competition equipment. These products reflect the advantages of China-made products in all aspects, showing China‘s economic development level and national cultural confidence.

Chinese brands are keen to use international sports events to “show their faces” overseas. The most fundamental reason is that with the rapid development of China‘s economy and the acceleration of its participation in the process of economic globalization, the international demand for Chinese brands is becoming more and more strong. China is the second largest economy in the world, and the production capacity of Chinese enterprises is constantly increasing. Chinese enterprises are eager to go abroad to find more incremental markets in the international market. In recent years, more and more powerful Chinese companies have gradually shifted from focusing on product sales to focusing on brand communication, and their brand influence has increased significantly. In addition, after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, domestic and foreign consumers have become more accustomed to online shopping, and the further development of China‘s cross-border e-commerce platforms has also provided opportunities for Chinese brands to go overseas.

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It is worth noting that in the process of going overseas, Chinese brands pay more and more attention to the export of brand culture, and are committed to telling the stories of Chinese brands, so that consumers from all over the world can understand, recognize and support Chinese brands. The brand carries the consumer’s recognition of the company’s products and services. A good brand must need core products and establish a good brand image. The quality and technology of Chinese products are in a rapid development trend. At present, the acceptance of Chinese products overseas is getting higher and higher, and the influence of Chinese brands is gradually increasing. Whether it is daily necessities or high-tech products, Chinese brands have gradually entered the production and life of people all over the world. Chinese enterprises are also transforming from manufacturers to service providers and brands. With China‘s development in high-tech, cross-border e-commerce and other fields, China‘s manufacturing has gradually achieved productization, commercialization and branding. This development path has begun to be recognized and accepted by the international market.

At present, Chinese brands still have huge space for overseas development, but there are still some obstacles in the way of going overseas. First, there is a relative lack of international communication professionals in Chinese companies, and international communication skills are lacking, especially when encountering sensitive and controversial issues, lack of experience in dealing with issues, and insufficient “soft support” for brands to go overseas; second, because Chinese is widely used overseas The usage rate of Chinese brands is relatively low, Chinese brands use Chinese characters, there are obstacles in language communication, and it is difficult for overseas non-Chinese audiences to understand the brand connotation; third, the degree of internationalization of some product designs in China is low, affected by the aesthetic differences at home and abroad, overseas users There may be gaps in the understanding of brand image.

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In the future, Chinese brands should give full play to their original advantages and continue to strengthen technological breakthroughs and brand image building, which can further enhance their overseas popularity and recognition from the following aspects. First, the excellent traditional Chinese culture created and continued in thousands of years of history is the root and soul of the Chinese nation. Chinese brands should adhere to cultural self-confidence and take the promotion of Chinese culture as their own responsibility; second, use an international design language that is easy to communicate, reduce communication barriers, and reduce the difficulty of overseas consumers’ understanding of the brand; third, learn effective international communication methods, Combining the characteristics of local languages, adopt different means of communication; fourth, respect cultural differences, understand the preferences of people in different countries, strengthen localized communication, accurately reach overseas target users, and facilitate exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations in brand communication.

Interviewed Expert: Zhang Xiang, Deputy Dean of National Advertising Research Institute, Communication University of China

(Xu Ziwen interviewed and arranged)

Original title: Chinese brands use sports events to enhance their international influence (expert interpretation)

“People’s Daily Overseas Edition” (10th edition on February 28, 2022)

Editor in charge: Wu Zhengdan, Mao Li

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