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Frigirola, the repechage hypothesis is still possible

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Frigirola, the repechage hypothesis is still possible


In the latest official press release of the 2021-22 season, the Lombardy Regional Committee reiterated the numbers decided in the regional council for the next season’s staff, bringing the 3 groups of Excellence back to 18 teams and the Promotion, First and Second category tournaments to 16. For the Third, at the provincial level everything will depend on the inscriptions in the various Lombard Delegations. In Excellence there will therefore be 3 groups of 18 teams whose winners will go up to Serie D and 4 relegations (2 direct and 2 through the play outs between the teams from the sixth to the third from last position). Today the staff of Excellence is composed of 47 eligible teams and therefore, and to reach 54 the first 7 in the ranking, or the Soncinese (winning Italian Promotion Cup) and the first six from the playoffs will have the right to go up in Excellence and among these Virtus Binasco who occupies the fifth of the seven available places. In Promotion Frigirola hopes in the repechage between Pavia. The 95 straight ahead today include, in fact, the 7 repurchased in Excellence and therefore 88 would be enrolled in the Lombard Promotion 2022-23 to form 6 groups of 16 teams. Frigirola is ninth in the ranking today and would be the first to be excluded in the “first round” of repechage for organic completion and should wait after 11 July for mergers and waivers to see if another place will be vacated. In the First category 192 formations for 12 groups of 16 teams with 184 seats already available but with 8 destined to be released for the repechage in the “safe” Promotion with the current numbers. So 16 places for the first 16 in the ranking after the play offs and among the Pavia we find the Broni (20th but who will not sign up for the merger with Varzi for the new Oltrepo in Excellence) and the Certosa (26th) which therefore in the end he would need 9 more places to be admitted to the First category. San Giorgio come 12th and Rondine Belgioioso 14th are the two Pavia winners of the two provincial playoffs of Terza and the numbers say to date that they would belong to the Second team made up of 24 groups of 16 teams for a total of 384 in a staff that currently has 358. 26 seats already available and others would be free and in the race the first Pavese will be among the losers of the play off finals with the 41st place being Mirabello. –

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