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Frisbee paddle board camping is here, please shoot someone who can earn 80,000 yuan a month!This year, I switched careers and became an outdoor photographer-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

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Frisbee paddle board camping is here, please shoot someone who can earn 80,000 yuan a month!This year I switched careers as an outdoor photographer

Under the epidemic, from camping to paddleboarding, from cycling to land rushing (that is, a sport that uses skateboards to imitate surfing on land), close-up outdoor activities are particularly popular, and Frisbee has jumped from a niche to an internet celebrity.

How popular is the frisbee sport in Hangzhou? Probably, the person who has the most say is not the head of the Frisbee club, but the Frisbee photographer. On social media, there are sharing posts that Frisbee photographers earn nearly 80,000 yuan a month, making many photographers envious.

With the popularity of emerging sports such as Frisbee, paddle board, camping, and outdoor leisure activities, photographers who had not been paid much attention to before gradually moved to the front. Do they really make money like they say online? Compared with their well-known counterparts at weddings and conferences, how is the work of this type of photographer different?

Sports and portrait photographer

They all changed the track and came to shoot Frisbee?

In March of this year, Xu Junyi, a young man from Hangzhou, established a Frisbee club called DABAI-CLUB. At the beginning of the club’s establishment, he took Frisbee photography as a highlight and standard for the club to attract Xiaobai and Mengxin to come and play disk.

“The relatively niche sport of Frisbee has social attributes. Many Xiaobai who have just started playing floppy can quickly find friends who also like this sport by posting pictures on social media.” Xu Junyi said, therefore, when the club just started When there is a large-scale Frisbee event, he will invite professional photographers to take pictures. “The cost is calculated by the hour, and an hour is about 500 yuan.”

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Generally, a Frisbee game lasts 2 hours. Considering that the price of hiring an outside photographer will be more expensive, now, Xu Junyi’s club has hired three full-time Frisbee photographers. Let the photographer take pictures to record the wonderful moments of the little whites playing the game.”

Xu Junyi introduced that with the fire of Frisbee sports, Frisbee photography has now become the standard of Hangzhou Frisbee Club. Taking his club as an example, the three full-time Frisbee photographers recruited in the later period all changed their careers from traditional sports photography such as football and basketball to shoot Frisbee.

Different from shooting other traditional sports competitions, as a niche sport, what are the requirements for photographers when shooting Frisbee photos?

Before doing Frisbee photography, Xiao Kai, a 33-year-old sports photographer, took pictures of basketball games for more than 10 years. This year, taking advantage of the popularity of the sport, Xiao Kai transformed into a Frisbee photographer. Because of his previous photography skills in sports competitions, he was often invited by the major Frisbee clubs in Hangzhou as a special photographer to shoot some relatively large-scale photography. ‘s competition.

Xiaokai introduced that at the beginning of his transformation into a Frisbee photographer, he first learned how to throw and catch the plate with the coach for a week, “Like Mengxin, when he first came into this sport, because he couldn’t use his wrist to exert force, he couldn’t throw the plate straight. In this way, the wonderful moments of the player throwing the disk will not be captured when shooting.” After understanding the gameplay of the Frisbee, Xiaokai will also instruct the player how to exert his strength when taking pictures, so as to capture better throwing and receiving moments. .

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Now, Xiaokai has been in frisbee photography for more than three months. Except that he didn’t know how to avoid when he started taking pictures, he was often hit by flying disks on his ears and equipment. Now, he not only takes pictures of players, but also has a lot to do with this project. I love sports a lot.

Unlike Xiaokai, Tingting, a post-95s Frisbee photographer, has been shooting portraits before. Tingting has been in photography for 6 years since her sophomore year. More than a year ago, she was accidentally invited by a friend to join a Frisbee club in Hangzhou.

After several events, Tingting also became a Frisbee lover. Due to the impact of the epidemic, she, who has been taking portraits, has also turned into a Frisbee photographer because of the lack of job opportunities. Although she can’t compete with professional sports photographers like Xiao Kai in terms of physical strength, Tingting’s strength is that she can take pictures of young ladies on the field.

Tingting said that male players on the field prefer to take pictures of wonderful moments such as catching and throwing plates, while female players prefer to take still photos that show long legs and a fit body.

“I am a photographer who takes portrait photos, and I can’t help but take photos of the team members on the sidelines every time. I will directly instruct the players how to pose and treat them as photos. The young ladies praised me as a roundworm in their stomachs. , the photos don’t look too good.”

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Source: City Express Author: reporter Wan Yu intern Shen Tuye Editor: Gao Tingting

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