Home Sports From applause on the net to those for the thesis. Fiabane: “Honored with the award at the Polytechnic”

From applause on the net to those for the thesis. Fiabane: “Honored with the award at the Polytechnic”

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Claudia Fiabane awarded in Milan

The former Belluno volleyball center is now an energy engineer. “I had to stop playing, I’m often in Germany for work”


Nicola Pasuch / BELLUNO

There is the signature of a woman from Belluno on the title page of one of the four best degree theses in Italy dedicated to the study of heating and ventilation systems.

And his name is certainly not unknown to Belluno sportsmen. In particular, to volleyball fans. The star of Claudia Fiabane – who in recent years played as central in B1 and B2 first in Bolzano, then in Belluno – now shines also in the scientific field: because her master’s thesis in energy engineering has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of the ‘Aicarr (the Italian association for air conditioning, heating, refrigeration).

«I had applied in the summer on the advice of my professor», says Claudia Fiabane, who a few months ago graduated from the universities of Trento and Bolzano, «and I told myself that it costs nothing to try. Together with the thesis I sent my CV and a short presentation of myself. At the end of October I received the result and I was awarded at the Milan Polytechnic. I am very honored and I thank the president of the association and the commission for giving me this prestigious award ».

Within his thesis, Fiabane studied a device patented by a Brescia company, Enolgas, a leader in thermohydraulics.

«Enolgas has patented this component to heat and cool the rooms inside buildings. In January 2021 I won a tender thanks to which I had the opportunity to study this patent from a thermal point of view. It was interesting to try to understand the types of heat exchange and in particular the motion of the air ».

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Now you work for a company in Brunico that deals with automation systems.

«I feel good and work in a new and constantly stimulating environment. Among other things, I deal with aspects that go beyond the issues I have studied. This is very inspiring for me. There is always so much to learn ».

And volleyball?

«If I succeed, I hope to be able to train again in the future, because this is the sport I love. But for now it would be a bit too complicated to play, also because I often find myself going away to Germany ».

Before, as a student, the Belluno born in 1997 has always combined university and sport. Both at a high level.

«There were difficulties, because I have always experienced volleyball as a commitment, as well as a hobby. Something to be taken with the utmost seriousness. The university, of course, the same. Volleyball taught me a lot. I think it was this sport, together with my parents, that made me understand that if you work hard, you always collect something ».

At Neruda Bolzano you had become a real point of reference.

“And I had a great time. I played there for four years, between B1 and B2, establishing an excellent relationship also with managers and coaches ».

Last year, at Volleyball Belluno, you touched the promotion by playing the final matches with a bandaged finger …

«For the first time I fought for the playoffs and for a jump in the category. That was already a great achievement. In the end there was a bit of bitterness left in the mouth. But it was a really great season. To all the girls who have remained I offer my best wishes: they work hard and deserve the best ».

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