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From leading 1 point to 6 points behind, Chelsea suffered serious Waterloo in 4 rounds and 1 win

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Original title: From a 1 point lead to 6 points behind, Chelsea suffered serious Waterloo in 4 rounds and 1 win

Since the start of the new season, Chelsea, the Champions League champion team of last season, once played well in the Premier League. The Blues ranked first in the Premier League in 9 rounds. But in the most recent 4 rounds of the Premier League, Chelsea had 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss, and the team’s points were also surpassed by Manchester City and Liverpool behind them.

The first 14 rounds of the Premier League

Chelsea scored 10 points with three wins and one tie in the first four rounds, ranking second. In the fifth round of the Premier League, Chelsea defeated Tottenham 3-0 in the away game and won, while the Blues also topped the Premier League with 13 points. In the sixth round of the Premier League, Chelsea lost 0-1 in the dialogue with Manchester City, and the team’s points fell to second place. But after beating Southampton in the seventh round, Chelsea’s points returned to the top of the standings. Not only that, in the subsequent eighth to fourteenth round of the Premier League, Chelsea ranked first in the Premier League for eight consecutive rounds. In the first fourteen rounds, the Blues ranked first in the Premier League after nine of them. After 14 rounds, Chelsea scored 33 points, 1 point ahead of second-placed Manchester City and 2 points ahead of Liverpool.

The last 4 rounds have plummeted

But since entering December, Chelsea’s competitive state has shown an astonishing decline. In the fifteenth round of the Premier League against West Ham United, Chelsea played away. Thiago Silva and Mount made contributions to Chelsea respectively, while West Ham United was equalized twice by Ranchini and Bowen. In the 87th minute of the game, Masuyacu of the Hammers scored a lore goal and Chelsea lost 2-3. The away loss to West Ham United is Chelsea’s first defeat in the last 9 rounds of the Premier League. It is also the Blues’ first away defeat in the Premier League this season. Previously, the record of five consecutive Premier League wins ended in all competitions and away games in the Premier League. Chelsea lost, while Manchester City and Liverpool won smoothly. Manchester City won Watford 3-1 away, while Liverpool defeated Wolves with a goal from Origi. After this round of competition, Chelsea’s points slipped to third place, Manchester City ranked first with 35 points and Liverpool ranked second with 34 points.

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In the 16th round, Chelsea played against Leeds at home. In the first half, Alonso sent a point in the penalty area, Rafinha shot and scored, then Mount equalized the score. In the second half, Rafinha overtook Rudiger in the penalty area, and Jorginho shot to overtake the score. Gerhardt equalized and Jorginho made a penalty shot before the end. At the end of the game, Chelsea 3-2 Leeds United. Although they scored three points, Manchester City and Liverpool also defeated Wolves and Villa 1-0 at home. Chelsea still ranked third, two points behind Manchester City, the leader of the list.

In the 17th round, the Blues played against Everton at home. In the first half of the game, the two sides had nothing to do with each other. In the first 69 minutes of the game, neither team scored a goal. In the 70th minute, Chelsea took the lead in scoring. Dukure broke into the front of the Chelsea penalty area and was interrupted. Chelsea immediately launched a counterattack. Rees-James obliquely blocked the right side of the penalty area in the middle of the front court, and Mount inserted a small angle and volleyed with his right foot to score. But just 4 minutes after Chelsea scored the goal, Everton took advantage of the opportunity to set the ball on the left side of the front field and Branswaite scored the equalizer. Chelsea eventually tied the opponent 1-1 at home. Chelsea scored a draw, but Manchester City won 7-0 in this round. Foden, Glarish, De Bruyne, Silva, Mahrez, Stones and Aker scored goals. Liverpool defeated Newcastle 3-1 at home with goals from Jota, Salah and Arnold. After this round of the game, Manchester City ranked first with 41 points, Liverpool second with 40 points, and Chelsea, although still in third place, only had 37 points.

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In the 18th round, Chelsea played away against Wolves. In the first half of the game, Bordens pushed the goal and was blown, Jimenez was offside to interfere with the goalkeeper first. In the second half of the game, Pulisic missed a single-handed opportunity. At the end of the game, Chelsea drew 0-0 with Wolves. Chelsea, who suffered two straight draws, scored 38 points. Manchester City played away against Newcastle in this round of the game, and the result was a 4-0 victory with goals from Mahrez, Sterling, Diaz and Cancelo. Liverpool played away against Tottenham. In the first half, Kane scored to break the deadlock and Jota equalized. In the second half, Robertson overtook the score, Sun Xingmin scored an equalizer, and then Robertson, who scored a foul, was sent off. In the end, the two teams each scored a point in a 2-2 draw. After this round of competition, Chelsea ranked third with 38 points, while Manchester City ranked first with 44 points, second Liverpool also had 41 points, and Chelsea was 6 points away from the top Manchester City. In just 4 rounds of Premier League games, Chelsea changed from 1 point ahead of Manchester City to 6 points behind Blue Moon, and the team also changed from No. 1 in the Premier League to No. 3 in the Premier League.Return to Sohu to see more


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