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From “One Fire” to “Four Ices” – Qianlong.com.cn

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From “One Fire” to “Four Ices” – Qianlong.com.cn

Original title: Beijing Shougang Park Sports Center Operation Management Co., Ltd. National Winter Sports Training Center

From “One Fire” to “Four Ices”

Group photo of some members of Beijing Shougang Park Sports Center Operation Management Co., Ltd.

After the closing of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the National Winter Sports Training Center of Shougang Park received letters of thanks from the China Figure Skating Association, the Chinese Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team, the Chinese Figure Skating Team, and the Chinese Curling Team. All the members are very pleased and proud.

The athletes of the Chinese ice sports were originally trained in the Capital Gymnasium, but the Capital Gymnasium is the official venue for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and will be renovated before the competition. During the renovation, the athletes needed new training grounds. To this end, the State Sports General Administration decided to build a national winter sports training center in the Shougang Park, and use the industrial remnants of clean coal workshops to transform four training venues for short track speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey and curling. Four ice cubes”.

Most of the members of the operation and management team of Shougang Park National Winter Sports Training Center are transformed from Shougang workers. From “One Fire” to “Four Ices”, behind this cross-border transformation with a huge “temperature difference”, everyone has overcome one challenge after another with hard work, sweat and selfless dedication.

“On the evening of June 21, 2018, the ice surface production of the figure skating stadium was completed, and that was the first piece of ice we made!” Recalling the scene at that time, Guo Xiaomin, deputy general manager of Shougang Park Sports Center Operation Management Co., Ltd., was quite emotional. , “It was originally planned to make ice in a week, but it took us half a month. It was very hard!”

It turned out that the figure skating stadium had just been completed at the beginning of June, and the Chinese figure skating team would enter the stadium for training in 20 days, but the ice surface did not take shape. “It’s hot, the roof temperature is high, the ice surface temperature is low, the water vapor evaporates on the roof and drips down, and the ice surface can’t freeze.” Guo Xiaomin said that in order to solve this problem, the team members tried their best to improve the Venues are airtight and even blown with a blower. During that time, every member of the ice-making team was a “primary school student” who carried a notebook with him and recorded every point of ice-making in detail.

On the evening of June 21, 2018, the production of ice noodles was completed. Guo Xiaomin was very excited and bought a big cake to celebrate with everyone. “Although the first ice making was completed under the guidance of many foreign experts, steel making The Shougang of Shougang can make ice, which is an iconic moment!”

Liu Yongliang, the ice maker with the “most comprehensive technology” in the Shougang Winter Training Center, participated in the production of four ice surfaces.

“Ice making, pay attention to ‘five degrees’, hardness, thickness, flatness, temperature, humidity, four venues, each has different requirements for this ‘five degrees’. For example, figure skating, the ice temperature is -4℃ to -4.5°C is the most suitable, the lower it is, the ice will be too hard, and athletes will be easily injured when spinning and jumping. If the temperature is high, the ice surface is too soft, and the water will come out after skating for a while; but for short track speed skating, the ice surface is hard. It’s relatively high, so it’s suitable for athletes to start speed…” Don’t look at it now, Liu Yongliang spent a lot of time when he was just learning to make ice.

Ice-making requires strict control of errors, and even the method, dosage and speed of watering have strict requirements. In order to make a qualified ice surface, Liu Yongliang spent a day in the ice rink and practiced repeatedly. The red and blue lines on the ice need to be drawn at one time to form. It seems simple but the most troublesome. Liu Yongliang squatted on the ice for three or four hours, and didn’t rest until his legs were numb.

In April 2019, an IIHF Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship was held at the Shougang Park Ice Hockey Arena. This was the first time that Liu Yongliang and his team independently completed the ice-making work at the competition venue. Liu Yongliang and his colleagues checked a lot of information in advance, studied the rules of the venue, and repeatedly asked experts for advice, and finally produced a high-quality ice surface, which was well received by all participating parties.

Also impressed by the competition was Han Dong, director of the Marketing Department.

At that time, the International Ice Hockey Federation introduced a new rule that changed the metal nails used to fix the goal on the ice hockey arena to rubber nails to avoid injury to players. “The way of fixing rubber nails and metal nails is different. The metal nails are frozen in the ice, and the rubber nails have to hit the concrete ground under the ice. But our ice rink was built before the new regulations came out, it is impossible It will be rebuilt on a large scale.” Han Dong said, so the team adopted a compromise method – thickening the ice surface within the allowable range of the International Ice Hockey Federation, and then freezing all the bottoms of the rubber goal pins in the ice, and finally Put on the goal.

When the International Ice Federation came to check, Han Dong and his colleagues were very uneasy, wondering if this method could be approved. In the end, the venue not only passed the inspection and acceptance, but Han Dong and his colleagues also received praise from the executive chairman of the International Ice Hockey Federation: “This method is good, it seems that you have many ways to solve the problem!”

During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the National Winter Training Center of Shougang Park also sent 22 backbones to serve the national team and organize the Winter Olympics. Among them, 17 people entered the closed loop, gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families, and contributed to the successful holding of the Winter Olympics.

Yesterday (28th), the National Winter Sports Training Center of Beijing Shougang Park Sports Center Operation Management Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of National Worker Pioneer in 2022, which is a new beginning. Now, the National Winter Training Center of Shougang Park is planning the post-competition utilization of the ski jumping platform and the “Four Ices”. In the future, the successfully transformed Shougang Park will continue to write more exciting stories.

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