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From Oxygenation and Decompression Competition to Fresh Air Basketball Game TCL Air Conditioning Turns Sports Marketing into a Young People’s Social Network – Qianlong.com.cn

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From Oxygenation and Decompression Competition to Fresh Air Basketball Game TCL Air Conditioning Turns Sports Marketing into a Young People’s Social Network – Qianlong.com.cn

Source Title: From Oxygenation and Decompression Competition to Fresh Air Basketball Game, TCL Air Conditioning Turns Sports Marketing into a Young People’s Social Network

How to make sports marketing match the life of the young generation Z is a new field that many brands are constantly trying to enter. Blindly chasing sports stars and becoming extreme “champion fans” are no longer sought after, but instead are “empathy” born from the rapidly changing consumer demands of contemporary young people. Behind this is a young social scene full of absolute imagination.

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On the evening of July 19, TCL Air Conditioning launched the “Buy TCL Fresh Air Conditioner and Challenge the CBA Team” with the shouting of wild ball emperors Lai Yiye and Zhang Zhaoyang on Weibo.

CBA official Weibo, folk master Yeqiudi stars have sent invitations to the whole network, as long as you purchase fresh air conditioners on the e-commerce platforms of TCL Jingdong official flagship store and TCL air conditioner Tmall official flagship store e-commerce platform, you will have a chance to win free round-trip air tickets and hotels by lottery Accommodation and become a member of the TCL Fresh Air Little Blue Wings team. And on July 29 at the Canton Tower Basketball Park, a challenge with CBA star players.

It is understood that this is another marketing extension of TCL air conditioners in the sports field after joining hands with keep in June this year to create an oxygenation and decompression challenge. In this crossover to the basketball circle, we found that TCL air conditioners have a clearer attitude towards sports marketing. If you want private domain traffic, you should also have fun. If you want to convert consumption, you need to improve word-of-mouth.

Focus on the new wind trackwith young peopleDo your best to “burn”

In the past two years, TCL Air Conditioning has fully focused on the fresh air circuit, becoming younger and younger in terms of marketing, becoming more and more “burning”, and resonating at the same frequency as the Z era crowd. For example, in this event, TCL Air Conditioning closely followed the hot spots of the men’s basketball Asian Cup, not only invited CBA star players Du Runwang, Zhang Hao and Zhang Haojia to attend the event to face the challenges of fans; Fans and users collide with passion.

It is understood that in order to allow lucky fans to enjoy the “high-burning” experience throughout the process, TCL air-conditioning more aggressively provides free round-trip air tickets and accommodation, and winning users only need to burn their basketball dreams. This is like the all-in fresh air track of TCL air conditioners, which maximizes the product and experience and ignites it.

At the same time, in order to be closer to consumers and fans, let them be in the scene. TCL Air Conditioning cooperates with Douyin and Weibo basketball experts to deeply stimulate the traffic advantages in the vertical field, allowing more enthusiasts to participate in it, cheering for star players and challengers.

In addition, TCL Air Conditioning has planned a live broadcast lottery for this challenge event, so that users and fans will not only burn off offline games, but also the hot sales of TCL fresh air conditioners online.

From an industry point of view, there are many brands that have invested in sports marketing in the past, but TCL air conditioners have a unique perspective on this choice. As we all know, in the sports circle, the phenomenon of achievement-only theory often appeared in the past, but nowadays young people pay more attention to the sense of participation in sports, pay attention to the goals of the players, and do their best to burn their passion.

And TCL air conditioning on the fresh air track to rise up and “burn” the sportsmanship of the best match. This makes fans and users feel that this is just a good marketing. After multiple rounds of high-frequency participation, reprinting, discussions and other interactions, this is a same frequency that affects the sports circle, home appliance circle and young people who love sports. social contact.

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dissatisfiedAt oncewarthe new wind comes on stage

The theme of the TCL Fresh Air Air Conditioning Basketball Tournament is “Fight if you don’t agree, and fresh air will play”. From the point of view of an air-conditioning industry observer, this sentence is just a pun.

It not only shows the bold personality of young people who are “dissatisfied with the status quo and dare to break through”, but also reflects TCL’s determination to break through the bottleneck of the industry, fully focus on the fresh air circuit, and create a healthier and more comfortable life for users through fresh air technology innovation.

It is understood that after TCL Air Conditioning released the first fresh air air conditioner Little Blue Wing in 2021, it only took one year to form a lineup of fresh air air conditioners with full cooling capacity and full price range based on the different needs of users, including 1~ More than ten product models, including 2-horsepower on-hook and 2-3-horsepower cabinet, have taken the lead in becoming the brand with the most complete fresh air product series in the industry.

It is reported that the current TCL fresh air air conditioner Little Blue Wing II not only has a large fresh air volume of 60m³/h without expansion wall holes, which can quickly ventilate and oxygenate the bedroom with closed doors and windows, but also integrates TVOC recognition and other sensor recognition functions. Real-time detection of a variety of common harmful gases in the home, the monitoring ring can change the color in real time according to the identified pollutant concentration, so that the good air can be seen and the air quality can be grasped.

At present, when most brands invest in sports marketing, they are more often considering how to choose athletes who match the brand’s image, temperament and popularity, and use their appeal and influence to expand the brand’s popularity and the impact of private domain traffic on products. consumption transformation.

From the perspective of the development trend of the air-conditioning industry, on the one hand, the long-term homogenization has brought about a strong desire for new technologies and new scenarios. On the other hand, as young groups gradually gain the right to speak in the economy, the process of the air-conditioning industry from old to innovation will also follow the marketing level, and through cross-border marketing, with the help of event traffic, brand awareness and consumption transformation will be enhanced.

The success of TCL air conditioners in the sports world and among young people may be a clear signal that this trend is intensifying. We also look forward to the emergence of more new track leaders like TCL air conditioners in the air-conditioning arena, creating the impossible.

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