Home Sports From Rold Belluno, Paganin guarantees for Colussi. “He was already a coach on the pitch”

From Rold Belluno, Paganin guarantees for Colussi. “He was already a coach on the pitch”

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From Rold Belluno, Paganin guarantees for Colussi.  “He was already a coach on the pitch”
Colussi and Paganin on the wall two championships ago

The captain comments on Da Rold’s choice to bet on the setter of two championships ago as a coach


“It was understood that he was already projected to a future as a coach.”

Alex Paganin has no doubts about this. But he is still intrigued by one of the strangest sporting coincidences of Belluno volleyball in recent times. Gianluca Colussi could in fact have been the setter in the A3 series season recently left behind, if he had accepted the proposal of the Drl Volley Team to continue to Belluno.

All at the end of B’s ​​gratifying adventure ended with the mocking knockout in the playoff final, then at least canceled by the repechage last summer. Now he takes it instead as a technician, after a year in Prata in the youth teams alongside our Manolo Pat, among other things.

The crossroads of fate are strange indeed. He has the task of leading the team towards pleasant shores in the standings, after the two-sided championship ended with salvation at the beginning of April. However, it is inevitable to ask Paganin what effect finding a teammate and a friend in the role of coach has on him. Maybe there will be a phone call between the two, since the Santa Giustina station is the captain of the DRL and one of the longest running boys with the Belluno shirt.

Alex, as captain what did you think, once you learned the management’s choice to entrust the post Schiavon (and post Poletto) to Colussi?

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«Which is undoubtedly curious as a situation. Both I and other players have had him as a teammate and I really believe the friendship will remain intact, although now the roles are undoubtedly changed ».

Classic and obvious question: was he a… coach already when he played?

“Yes definitely. In my opinion this sort of vocation to the role of technical guide was innate in his case, because he was generous with advice towards all of us. And of young people in particular. Not only that: I clearly remember how it was for him to often confront coach Diego Poletto, when a particular strategy had to be studied or adopted ».

There are still no official confirmations of you players, but assuming your confirmation at Da Rold Logistics, what effect will it have to find him in the gym in the new role?

«First of all, I was very close to his way of facing competitions. He never gave up, he would have done anything to not leave a point or a set to the opponent. I imagine it will convey the same concepts to the team. Of course we will all give our best so that a great season can be played, perhaps similar to the first part of the championship that we finished a month ago ».

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