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From the battles of Lebanon to the derby in Belluno. Red and a San Giorgio grown up

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How far are the times of the derbies against Schiara and Fiori Barp, of the endless challenges in the basin of Lebanon, of that red and white shirt that is always splendid and elegant. There are those who are moved when they think about it.

Like the seventy-year-old Antonio “Toni” Rosso, who remembers every step of the San Giorgio from the year of its foundation onwards. On the other hand, he lives 200 meters from the field, now home to the summer training and some youth competitions. Because in the meantime the sporting center of gravity has moved lower, to Sedico. Logistics always has its weight when you want to grow and become great.

The merger is recent history, dated 2013, but beyond the geography the historical name has never been lost, albeit flanked by new adventure companions.

Even today, the uniform of the “Lebanese Lancers” is worn by Pilotti and his companions, among other things. Maybe even on Sunday, when this San Giorgio, who after all is also that San Giorgio, will play the Serie D derby at the Polisportivo di Belluno. From an emotional point of view the absence of an audience will weigh a lot, because one can only imagine the meaning of enter the field in front of a thousand spectators. The verdict of the green rectangle, however, is equally valid.

San Giorgio Sedico wants to live a dream day.

«How strange to face … Simone Corbanese. When he was still in the stroller he used to go to the field with his mother to watch the games of father Valter and uncle Mario. But if I have to indicate a player who is a symbol of ours, I say Andrea Pilotti. He started out in the promotion and continues to do so in D even though he is no longer “under”. I think it is the example that if you are good, there is always space. Maybe he will score the decisive goal. But to be honest, just win. And to save ourselves, because we are certainly not lacking in potential ».

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As a former president, former coach and former player, does it excite you to think about where San Giorgio has arrived?

«To tell the truth, I remember a derby with them at the time of the First Category. By the way, then they never beat us between league and cup. Facing us in D, however, has a special charm. I imagine some historical managers of the San Giorgio proudly up there, admiring the progress of this company. I refer to the old secretary Piero Fant or Bruno Fant to whom the Lebanon camp is named. But they are only the first two names that come to mind, I could name several ».

We were saying, from Lebanon to the Polisportivo …

“Our home will always remain our home. I saw the birth of the sports facility, when it was still a meadow with an orchard next to it. In 1964 the municipality granted the loan for use to the company that was about to be born on the initiative of the current presidentissimo Sergio De Cian and other figures such as Remo De Cian, Italo Da Rold, Franco Fant, Vittorio Casagrande and so on. To think that until the current changing rooms were arranged, people changed clothes here near the entrance. The referee from his locker room therefore heard all the complaints of the fans, consequently the fines were never lacking ».

As a coach he got some great satisfactions.

«Like the victory of the Third Category in 1982-1983, without losing a single match. I had promoted from the students the various Caio Fant, Geki De Cian, Stefano Chiesa and so on. Then in 1987-1988 I went up to second as president with Gigi Fregona as coach and since then we have never returned to third. What times: the youth sector was well organized, we went to pick up boys with cars as far as Rocca Pietore ».

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And no expense reimbursements.

“No, no. Now it doesn’t work like that anymore but it’s normal, times change. Not even the Third can no longer win it without money… ».

Now he is only a collaborator of San Giorgio Sedico.

“I left as a director in 2015, which is the year of the fiftieth anniversary. As a fan whenever possible I also went away and sometimes I still join together with my friend Luciano Da Rold, entering as a collaborator ». –

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