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From the oratory fields to the Garibaldi Arena, the 30th anniversary of the goalkeeper Teti

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It is almost natural to write an autobiography at the age of 42 for one of the protagonists of Piedmontese football, more surprising that the book comes out when he is still in business. But Francesco Teti is like that, he doesn’t look at shapes but at the substance of things.

The Derthona goalkeeper will shortly present “My world”, a volume with a four-year “gestation” in which the ex of many prestigious teams tells his career as a goalkeeper in his own way, from his beginnings in the Santhià oratory to the latest parades with the young lions. In between, 30 years of football remembered with precision by Teti who, for each season, recalled anecdotes, dressing room mates, friends and enemies.

The end is noble. The proceeds from the sale will be entirely donated to Admo Piemonte, the association of bone marrow donors.

The book will have its first presentation on Tuesday evening 23 November at 9 pm in Pasturana, the town where Teti lives with his family. Then the goalkeeper will also promote him in other places where his past as a football player has not been forgotten, such as Acqui (December 7, at 6 pm, at Palazzo Robellini), Tortona (December 9, at 6.30 pm at the Civic Theater) and Santhià ( December 11 in the library).

«My story, of sport and life, on and off the pitch: from the oratory, to the Arena Garibaldi in Pisa – comments Teti -. From joys to disappointments, to everything that sport has taught me ». The goalkeeper had a dazzling start to his career. In the squad of Ronaldo’s Inter at the end of the millennium, he then wore the jerseys of Pro Vercelli, Novese, Acqui, Alessandria, Valenzana and Derthona. All experiences recounted in a book that looks like a dip in football over the last twenty years, the one often experienced as a protagonist by Teti who, at the age of 42, writes still other chapters on the pitch.

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