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Frosinone, inmate shoots in prison. Gun arrived with a drone – breaking latest news

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Rome, 19 September 2021 – Un inmate shoots in Frosinone prison, with a pistol which may even have come with a drone: no one would be hurt. A story that the penitentiary police unions, which made it known, define “very serious and incredible”: tomorrow the head of the Dap himself, on the recommendation of the Minister of Justice, will be in the Frosinone prison to understand how all this could have happened . The inmate was transferred to another penitentiary. The facts would have occurred, reconstructs Donato Capece, secretary general of Sappe, in the afternoon, when! A 28-year-old Neapolitan prisoner, restricted to High Security for crimes connected with organized crime – Camorra -, once authorized to leave his cell to make the shower pointed a gun in the face of the prison policeman and had the keys to the other cells delivered to him otherwise he would have killed him. Then he reached the cells of other inmates (Neapolitans and Albanians), who in recent days had threatened and beat him, and, after unsuccessfully trying to open them, fired three shots inside. “According to Capece, no one was hit, but other prison sources report some inmates slightly injured.

In any case, after the shooting “the prisoner, who also illegally possessed a cell phone – continues the Sappe trade unionist – called his lawyer who convinced him to hand over the gun to the staff of the Penitentiary Police promptly rushed. What he did. , not before swallowing the mobile phone sim card. Absurd and unbelievable “.

Salvini also intervened on the matter, expressing “solidarity with the women and men of the Penitentiary Police”. “Only by miracle were there no injuries: we ask the minister and the leaders of the Dap for clarity and immediate interventions”, concluded the leader of the League.

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