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Furious Alto Canavese, defeated by the rain and the Scanzorosciate

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Furious Alto Canavese, defeated by the rain and the Scanzorosciate

A moment of the match

PalaCuorgnè unusable, Rivarolo is played: now a miracle is needed Athletes and fans moved and matches to be quickly forgotten

RIVAROLO CANAVESE. Double mockery for the Alto Canavese. The infiltration of water after the storm on Saturday evening forced the managers to move quickly the match (with players and fans) with Scanzorosciate in Rivarolo. Also awaiting the end of a martial arts event. Given the situation, the PalaCuorgnè had been declared unfit for use. A vitally important match (Serie B playoff semifinal) then lost 1-3 in favor of the Bergamo players. Already in the 2019/2020 season the Cuorgnatese team was forced to emigrate to the Rivarolese gym for the same reason, but then two victories arrived, one of which over a success in the Serie C Piedmont Cup). Mouths sewn on the incident by the executives of the Upper Canavese and tangible embarrassment of the Cuorgnatese administration that owns the plant whose ordinary and extraordinary expenses and electricity and gas utilities are borne by the Metropolitan City for an agreement that provides for the for use by the students of the 25th April Institute. “That they will still be able to use it for hours of physical education” let the Municipality know, aware of the fool. Returning to sport, Alto Canavese will try to overturn the situation in Lombardy, but to do so they will have only one road, the one that leads to the golden set: to get there, however, they will necessarily have to win in Scanzorosciate with a score of 3-0 or 3-1 ( both scores bring the three points) and then win the play-off set to access the final, where they will find Saronno or Acqui Terme (in the first leg Saronno victory 3-0). For the rest, a Saturday night to be forgotten. –

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