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Fusion, Seeber says no to Trento and seems to be getting closer and closer to Belluno

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General Manager Werner Seeber

Seeber towards the no to Trento. There are no official confirmations, but it seems that the South Tyrolean general manager has declined the proposal received by the president Mauro Jacket before the board of directors of Trentino on Wednesday evening.

Who knows if it is in fact the prelude to the acceptance of the proposal regarding an operational role in the merger. The top managers of Belluno, San Giorgio Sedico and Union Feltre in the meantime continue to discuss the organizational methods of the possible first team and having the general manager or not would also change the timing related to the preparation of the squad.

Among other things, it is clear that initially Seeber should partly trust the names proposed above all on the player pool, knowing firsthand the value of the staff over the weeks. It always takes a period of adaptation, in order to understand how to move.


No one is making statements at the moment, even if the rumors are running. Or at least some. In the meantime, it cannot be said that the merger is ready to be announced at any moment, of course. Important pieces still need to be wedged and in some situations the managers maintain different lines.

The new possible team will play in Belluno, with a group of players mainly from Belluno. The coach identified would be Renato Lauria, but in the background remains that Luca Tiozzo who has worked so well in Sedico in recent months. And then, another fundamental question: what is the goal? Going to Serie C immediately or later in the famous three-year period? Because based on this, market movements and confirmations must be directed.


We would be finding the square on the youth, so as not to waste the technical and human heritage. Competitive activity – Allievi and Giovanissimi – in Feltre with Elite and Experimental teams, basic activities in the three centers and the addition of the Academy with regional teams in Sedico. Sedico where, among other things, the sports center for the training of the adults would rise, thanks also to an additional synthetic field next to the main one and to the renovation of the changing rooms. DAPO

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