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Gabrielli-Rebuscini the captains “play” Vogherese-Varzi high ranking derby

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The Rossonero: we are at the top, no fear of them The grenade: we respect them, but we want to stay up there


The high-ranking Vogherese-Varzi derby, scheduled for Sunday at Parisi (14.30), “played” by the two captains Gabrielli and Rebuscini.

morale skyrocketing

Morale in the Vogherese home is high. The 5 consecutive victories have strengthened the self-esteem of the Rossoneri, ready for the challenge with the leaders Varzi. Mattia Gabrielli, 25-year-old defender and Voghe captain, describes the atmosphere in the locker room: «The mood is excellent and there is great confidence. These results must give us the strength to push even more on the accelerator and take better care of the details. We are preparing well for Sunday’s match ». Varzi, who precedes Voghe by 5 points in the standings, is a tough obstacle, but not insurmountable in the thoughts of the Rossoneri central defensive: “We know Varzi’s qualities well, but also last Sunday we met an excellent team like Lazzate, there must be no fear on our part. We feel equally strong, we must continue on the path we have taken, focusing on cohesion, team spirit and the desire to race for our teammate. We have already met them in the Italian Cup, but this will be a whole other game. Varzi has great potential, not only in attack, so we need the utmost attention. I think the details will make the difference ». Gabrielli highlights the excellent impact that Mr. Giacomotti has had with the team: “The coach always knows how to use the right words at the right time, he is good at alternating carrots and sticks, then he is someone who knows this square well and the fans respect him a lot” . One of Voghe’s secrets is to be found in the solidity of the central defensive couple made up of Gabrielli and Lorusso: “We are in total harmony, and even off the pitch there is a beautiful relationship, but I don’t want to forget Fasoli, we are also very close with him” . In the match against Varzi, the defender from Pesaro expects the usual contribution of the Rossoneri fans: «In Lazzate, they were decisive with their support. I want to thank them for their constant support. In football, positive seasons arise when all the components travel in the same direction, club, team manager and fans, and the right harmony is being created here in Voghera ».

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All-round leader

Captain on the pitch and in the locker room. Leading man, in a word. Samuele Rebuscini, armband, will lead Varzi to Parisi in the derby with the very enthusiastic Vogherese. High altitude derby, with grenade as leaders (with Castanese). How important is the ranking after just ten days and how much will it affect the stakes? “Yes, we are only in tenth place – explained Rebuscini – and this makes the championship really long, but at the same time losing ground with Castanese and Varesina can already be decisive given the very few points they have left behind so far”. What can a team like Voghe have more than others who have won 5 consecutive races? «It is certainly a demonstration of good physical and mental condition. After such a start, they intervened on the transfer market, changed coaches and now it seems they have found a square. It will not be easy ». In what mental condition does Varzi arrive at the derby? “Getting there at the top of the class gives you a great awareness of your qualities and taken in the right way and not with the stench under your nose, it is a push that can be fundamental”. Could the Parisi factor have an impact, considering the warm cheer that the Rossoneri supporters reserve for their team? “It could be an extra boost for them, but certainly, given the great experience our squad has, it won’t negatively affect our performance.” After 10 days, Varzi is in the lead, even if not alone: ​​which are the teams that scare you the most for the title race? “Fear seems excessive to me. We must undoubtedly take Castanese into consideration, even if we have not yet had the opportunity to meet her, and Varesina. I believe that these two teams deserve more attention ». About captain. Andrea De Toni, goalkeeper of Vogherese, has just graduated. What message do you feel like sending Dr. De Toni? «Congratulations to him on the achievement. I wish him to celebrate with a good victory but on Sunday 28 November with Verbano, certainly not against us ». Between captains we understand each other.

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