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Galeries Lafayette: must remind UEFA Real Madrid who is the European Super League is free and fair_Florentino

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Original title: Galeries Lafayette: Must remind UEFA Real Madrid who is European Super League is free and fair

On the afternoon of November 20th, local European time, Real Madrid Club President Florentino spoke out on many focal issues at the membership meeting. This year Real Madrid has conflicts with UEFA and La Liga, and Florentino fired again.

Regarding the UEFA’s boycott of the UEFA Super League, Florentino said: “I must remind UEFA, who is Real Madrid?” This remark immediately received unanimous applause from more than 400 representatives present. “Maybe you need to let them understand the history of Real Madrid. They have participated in all the changes since its establishment, but have always defended the tradition of football. Real Madrid is the promoter of the Champions League. The European Super League is free, autonomous and fair, with commitment The risk is us, not UEFA. They reformed the Champions League and adopted the Swiss system, which made many games tasteless. This is why we created the European Super League. Everything is worth it. There are now 3 clubs that support it. These three clubs have won 20 Champions League titles in total.”

“The young people of the moment are moving away from football, and more entertainment activities are beginning to replace football. The loss of the game is the most deadly. Real Madrid did not play against Chelsea in the Champions League until last spring. Bayern and Liverpool have only played against Chelsea in the past 65 years. Ajax, who won the Champions League four times, is now full of obstacles in reaching the final stage. After reaching the semi-finals in 2019, it became a flash in the pan.”

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The fact that La Liga and CVC reached a capital injection agreement was also bombarded by the President of Real Madrid: “I never thought that La Liga would take 11% of the broadcasting rights from Real Madrid partners and then directly give CVC 50 years of rights. These rights are ours. Yes, if it is a transparent operation, the time limit is only 3 years. This operation directly harms our interests, and Real Madrid only knew it at the last moment.”

Afterwards Florentino said: “CVC failed in Germany and Italy, and then they came to Spain and started contacting the troubled clubs. When some clubs reached an agreement with CVC, they were told to hide from Real Madrid. . Who would sign such a stupid agreement? Who would have thought what would happen in 50 years?”Return to Sohu to see more


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