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Garlasco, all doubts after the two promotions

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President Strigazzi: “The women’s B1 market is proving to be much more complicated than the men’s A3”


Promotions rhymes with revolutions at Volley 2001 Garlasco which, triumphantly concluded the historic twenty-year season from its foundation with the historic promotion of the men’s team to the A3 series and with the return to the B1 series of the women’s team, confirmed the two technicians Marco Msranesi and Madalina Angelescu, but then began a notable revolution in outgoing staff.

are they leave

Thus, starting with the women’s training, it is time to say goodbye to six athletes of which three are owners, namely the setter Marta Gullì, the expert Katarina Kovacova and the symbolic player of recent years, Lucia Cagnoni. They are joined by Aurora Ghia, Michela Colombo and Chiara Conforto. The first insertions in the squad that will face the next B1 women’s championship come from the youth sector and concern two interesting prospects, namely Francesca Cazzato and the free Alena De Martino.The technical director Cristina Guicciardi speaks very well about them, who trained them and who, in particular for Alena De Martino, he is unbalanced to predict the role of free holder in the first team in the next three years.

on the market

Sporting director Fabio Ricci works to complete the squad and an expert setter will almost certainly arrive. Then, most likely, the other additions will concern the attachment and a graft in the center.

«It may seem paradoxical, but the women’s B1 and B2 market is proving to be much more complicated than the men’s A3 one – says president Silvia Strigazzi -. We get high and totally logical demands and demands, even more so at this particular time. We do not participate in auctions, we aim, for both men and women, a peaceful stay in the category and we will also find solutions in a B1 market that would like to profile costs and budgets even higher than the men’s A3. And we are not there ».

the masculine

Speaking of the men’s A3 series formation that will play the home games at the PalaRavizza in Pavia, Savino Di Noia, the superfine setter and expert in the historic promotion, now behind the desk, is working profitably on the market.

Also in this case, in addition to his end of career, several releases are added concerning Davide Riccardo Moro, the lateral Lorenzo Fracasso, the opposite Matteo Beltrami and the central Luca Morchio.

ongoing negotiations

Sporting director Savino Di Noia is closing for a strong setter, but a couple of heavy forwards and at least one center will also arrive, without excluding other operations to complete the definitive staff.

the expected dates

Still a lot of uncertainty about the start dates of the championships. The most plausible one remains Sunday 10 October. Consequently the rallies – also for Garlasco – are hypothesized at the end of August. –

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