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Garlasco, Pecoraro arrives, a central with a lot of experience in cadetry

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Garlasco, Pecoraro arrives, a central with a lot of experience in cadetry


The new addition to the center for the 2001 Garlasco Volleyball in view of the second consecutive season in men’s A3 will be Paolo Pecoraro, born in 1987, 197 cm, center born in Salerno who thus makes the leap in category. Pecoraro boasts many experiences gained in Serie B and in the outgoing season he was a protagonist with the Sacs Team Volley Napoli, which reached the playoffs. Now Giampietri and Romagnoli are added to the comrades in the department.

«I started with volleyball because I had some back problems and they advised me to play sports – explains the new purchase of Garlasco – At the time we heard about the generation of phenomena everywhere and so the choice to play volleyball was simple. In the youth teams I was first a striker, then an opponent and also a dribble. Then, as a central player, I mainly played in B1 and B2, before the A3 series was established, between Campania and its surroundings ». In addition to an unusual calm in the management of the second touch, the new athlete who came to the court of coach Vittorio Bertini highlights his qualities: “I’m a player who dedicates himself to dirty work, especially on the block, and then trying to guarantee consistency and effectiveness in the service. I define myself as a central worker who always tries to touch the wall to simplify the work of the defense and put the attackers in a position to make a difference and make the action happen ».

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Strengthened by the long experience in Serie B, Pecoraro therefore chose Garlasco for his first adventure in the North: «I must admit that I don’t know my teammates and other teams, having never pushed myself to B beyond Lazio or Abruzzo. I don’t know what level to expect, even if I tried Lombard volleyball already last January, when I moved to Milan for work and started training with Gonzaga and Vittorio Veneto, only going to Naples for the championship. I was able to appreciate the great attention to young people, which I will also find in Garlasco having involved young people who have just finished the youth academy. I believe that seeing young people commit themselves with dedication, the little ones can approach this sport even in those territories, such as Pavia, where the movement still has many steps to take on a male level. We will have to be good at making them have fun with a high-level volleyball », concludes Pecoraro. –

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