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Garlasco unrecognizable, the anger of Maranesi

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The coach after the 0-3 against Pordenone: «They are superior in everything, we lacked the desire to fight. Now let’s turn the page “


More than the score, dry and without appeal, it was the way in which the first seasonal home stop of Volley 2001 Garlasco matured in the sixth first leg in Serie A3 against a Pordenone who, it must be said immediately, played the perfect match , if not more. The Friulians, from the first to the last ball, were in extraordinary confidence and in an unstoppable competitive trance, authors of a performance that in some places seemed to come out of the wonders of Mila and Shiro’s cartoon. And then there is always Murphy’s Law, whereby if everything is just fine with your opponent, everything that can go wrong with you, rest assured that it will. And even from this point of view, not even a wrinkle because one cannot certainly imagine that a team like Garlasco suddenly became bogged down by putting down only one ace in the whole match, precisely in the fundamental which is one of the trademarks of the “Garlacticos” .

the groomed by Maranesi

There are other aspects, however, that they did not like, starting with the balls that fell in the midst of several players who looked at each other or the covers that jumped, if ever there were in the circumstance. «I too struggle to read a match like this – coach Marco Maranesi said -“ Usually during the week I have signs if something is wrong. But I have not had any and certainly there have not been any that could foreshadow a collective collapse that was mental, even before being technical “. Garlasco gets lost as soon as he goes under and loses the handle of the match, the short film of these first six days of the championship seems to say: “But it wasn’t like that with Fano and we won in comeback – Maranesi replies – It creates considerable anger and annoyance for me. not proactive in moments when the will, such as covers, counts to save a possible ball that is falling. Things that can be done regardless of the strength and skill of an opponent who has been superior in everything. A serene and profound reflection is required, I don’t need the culprit also because he is not there, it is the whole team that has been missing. We have to understand why and then reset and start again because two tough trips await us that must be taken head-on, trying to score points by turning them into opportunities and not thinking that the others are stronger, starting on Sunday from Pineto ». Where a decisive recovery of the attackers will be needed: with Pordenone. Bran cleaner plus Magalini plus Miglietta added up to 13 points, useful for winning a football pool ticket (…) and certainly for losing volleyball. –

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