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Garmin’s stylish new connected watch –

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Garmin’s stylish new connected watch –

Garmin is releasing Vivomove Trend, a new hybrid watch that combines classic analog styling with essential connected features like smartphone notifications and Garmin Pay contactless payment. It also has a number of health and wellness tracking features, including stress tracking, sleep score, pre-loaded activities, and more.

The Vívomove Trend has the look of a classic watch. It is designed with true analog hands and incorporates a hidden screen that appears only when needed. As soon as you touch the touch screen, the hands move to make it easier to read the digital display and access health statistics and various notifications.

Assistance and monitoring functions

Even when moving, the connection is never lost. Text messages, social network notifications or emails appear right on your wrist when the watch is paired with an Apple or Android smartphone. Owners of an Android model can even reply via SMS directly from their watch. Safety and tracking features allow you to send a message to predefined contacts with your real-time location (if available), and the device can also send an automatic message during certain outdoor activities. Furthermore, it is possible to consult health and fitness data, connect or even challenge friends via the free Garmin Connect smartphone application, completely free and without a subscription.

Take care of your health

With the health monitoring features of the new Vívomove Trend, everyone can easily get data related to monitoring their daily well-being. Among these are:

Body Battery, which indicates the percentage of your energy reserve during the day to adapt training sessions to the general state of fitness.

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24/7 heart rate monitoring with alerts for abnormally high or low values ​​when your body is at rest.

Sleep quality analysis to better understand how the body recovers. A personalized Sleep Score from the previous night is sent every morning, allowing you to analyze your different stages of sleep.

Pulse Ox, which monitors blood oxygen saturation levels at any time of day or throughout the night to know how well your body is absorbing oxygen.

Stress Tracker, which provides insight into how calm, balanced, or stressed your day is.
Reminder to relax when stress is detected. The watch also offers breathing exercises to improve concentration and combat stress.

Women’s Health Tracker, an app that tracks your menstrual cycle or a pregnancy. Symptoms are recorded, and advice on exercise and nutrition is also provided. The Female Health Tracker app is available right on the watch.

Sports and activity tracking

Vívomove Trend is designed to meet the needs of an active lifestyle with built-in sports and activity tracking features. It also incorporates Garmin’s Fitness Age feature, which takes into account your age, weekly activity, resting heart rate and BMI (or body fat percentage), to estimate whether your body is younger or older than your actual age and then provide fitness advice.

The Vívomove Trend is available in multiple colors including slate/black, peach gold/ivory, cream gold/linen, and silver/light gray, with a stainless steel case, domed glass, and silicone band. Its price is €329.99.

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