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Gas stations: strike confirmed but reduced in part. The timetables

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Gas stations: strike confirmed but reduced in part.  The timetables

After the meeting with the business minister Adolfo Urso, the organizations of the managers of the fuel stations decided to confirm the strike. Faib Confesercenti has chosen to reduce it to a single day, while the other acronyms remain firm in their positions

Alessandro Follis

The gas station strike will continue. Two acronyms representing the category confirm the 48-hour protest from 7pm on January 24th to the same time on the 26th on ordinary roads (from 10pm on January 24th to the same time on the 26th on motorways). A union instead reduced the protest to 24 hours. The meeting convened at the last minute by enterprise minister Adolfo Urso with representatives of the organizations of fuel managers Fegica, Figisc-Anisa and Faib did not bring the desired results. The first two acronyms considered the government’s proposal “too little and too late” to be able to revoke the strike. Faib Confesercenti, on the other hand, considered the openings presented by the minister to be positive and, as mentioned, chose to reduce the strike to just one day. Faib’s decision will be presented at the coordination meeting with the other acronyms scheduled for the morning of Wednesday 25 January. “As a sign of appreciation for the work done by the minister and his collaborators and with the aim of reducing the inconvenience to citizens, we have decided to reduce the mobilization to just one day”, reads a note from the union acronym.

Against the Transparency decree

The strike decided by the Faib, Fegica and Figisc-Anisa organizations decided to close the plants to protest against the Transparency decree wanted by the government. In particular, what has triggered the protests of the managers of the distribution stations is the obligation to display billboards with the weekly regional average price of fuel and against the sanctions envisaged in the event of non-compliance. The easing of the measures proposed by Minister Urso was not considered sufficient, while a step backwards by the executive on the decree is unthinkable, as Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni explained herself. On Wednesday 25 January, at 11, an assembly of the management groups of the trade organizations is scheduled, open to deputies and senators from all parliamentary groups.

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government proposals

Among the proposals put on the table by Urso in the meeting of 24 January, according to what we learn, there would be a significant easing of the sanctions envisaged in the Transparency decree: a 90-day moratorium for the implementation of the new obligations, the confirmation of the reduction fines for failure to communicate to 200/800 euros in relation to turnover, while in the event of repeated failure to communicate four times in 60 days, the closure of the store would be reduced between one and seven days. Alongside, the possibility of communicating prices with each change – and in any case every 15 days instead of every week – together with the elimination of the sign with the difference between self and served. As for motorways, the average prices to be displayed would be specific to the motorway segment. The proposal for a new round for next 8 February would also come from Mimit, to take stock of the reorganization of the sector, addressing a wide range of issues, including contractual illegality, bank commissions, the rationalization and reconversion of net. “I think our proposals are absolutely reasonable, we hope that exhibitors will avoid this discomfort for users,” Urso said, before his hopes were dashed by the thumbs down from Fegica and Figisc / Anisa.

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