Home Sports Gava: “Limana Cavarzano is a great collective, but Fiori Barp will also fight for Excellence”

Gava: “Limana Cavarzano is a great collective, but Fiori Barp will also fight for Excellence”

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Bruno Gava when he was on the San Giorgio bench

The former coach of San Giorgio is now the sports director of Conegliano and it was Saturday in La Cal to see the Promotion derby between the two from Belluno

Two teams that will play for first place. Bruno Gava has no doubts. The current sporting director of Conegliano, one of the opponents in the group, was on Saturday to see the derby between Limana Cavarzano and Fiori Barp, won 3-0 by the team of coach Parteli with goals from Fiabane, Luca Malacarne and Jacopo Paier.

A success earned the counter-overtake in the standings: now the Limanese – Cavarzanesi are at the top at 21 points, followed by the sixteen and Julia Sagittaria at 20. Then there is Fossalta Piave at 17, and gradually all the others.

Gava clearly knows the Promotion well and therefore we gladly asked the former San Giorgio Sedico coach for an opinion on the match, with a broader view also to the prospects of the Giallorossoblù and Bluarancio.

Mister… indeed, director, what do you tell us about this derby?

«Which was a great match, first of all. Both teams faced each other openly, then clearly Limana Cavarzano deserved the victory. In particular, I was struck by the strength of the collective. There was a lack of experienced players of great value, which is not easy to give up, but they managed to make up for the same. This is because they count on the presence of a group of really good and interesting young people. They started with six overpriced, compared to the mandatory three, yet nobody noticed. Certainly great credit must be given to the coach Parteli, whom I personally respect a lot for the way he knows how to work ».

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How did Fiori Barp seem to you?

“They can count on a foundation of excellent individuality. When you have the opportunity to field Pellicanò, Soppelsa, Pilotti, Ibrahim… Saturday, however, the opponents had something more on a global level ».

Will they both play the promotion?

“I think yes. I think both should take advantage of the great opportunity that occurred in the summer, namely that of being able to fish among the many young people leaving Belluno, San Giorgio Sedico and Union Feltre. And this also applies to some other First Category formation. They are prospects that have raised the quality level of the various roses. Behind them remain precisely Julia Sagittaria and Fossalta, with Julia in my opinion stronger than the other Venetian formation ».

As for you, is enough with the role of coach?

«I don’t think I’ll be back on the bench, even if I never say never. I left room for young people, starting this career as a sporting director in a noble square like that of Conegliano. Our path started last year and which is now also involving the youth sector “.

In the same group of the two from Belluno you are now tenth, therefore virtually in the playout area.

«We were hoping to have a few more points (10, ed.) But some situations turned out badly. Now we need to regroup and move up the rankings ».


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