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Gelbison-Messina: all you can do is win

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Gelbison-Messina: all you can do is win

After a long troubled season, the freshman Gelbison, an expression of the Cilento area, and Messina returning from yet another disappointing season, challenge each other on a hot Saturday afternoon for the first leg of the playouts. At stake is therefore the salvation of the category, that series C that the Sicilians are trying to defend with their teeth after a long ride in the second part of the season which has, at least in part, straightened out a very bad year.

The match is played in Agropoli and 800 tickets are made available for the guests, which have almost completely sold out. It is yet another demonstration of pride, belonging and love for the colors of this fan base which this year away from home, despite the protests, the disappointments, the figures remedied on the field, has always responded well in terms of presence, compactness and poise . Facing all the trips, many not exactly easy, with a spirit of sacrifice and stubbornness that would be far enough to get a place in the sun and not having to fight once again to avoid returning to the hell of the D series.

The ranks are complete once the game has begun and the cheering is always constant, combative and uninterrupted throughout the match, despite the fact that the team on the field does nothing to deserve all this and keep the promise made during the week during an open-door training session. to spit out the soul for these colors.

A large delegation of boys from Avellino was present who did not miss the opportunity to stand alongside their lifelong friends, in such a delicate moment and with whom there was also a moment of meeting in the city of Irpinia, before the race, between the delegations of the two curves. Numerous reciprocal chants during the match and also at the end of the game.

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The home fans, obviously with less tradition than the guests, do what they can trying to incite their favorites as best as possible and in the end they will be repaid in the 95th minute with the goal of success.

The defeat is not at all digested by the Messina ultras who recall, in a scene unfortunately seen many times this year, the team and the coach under the sector, venting their disappointment for a performance devoid of those “attributes” which were instead required and who fully showed the nearly 800 arrivals with the intention of pushing the team to safety.

Now the last act of the season with the return match where there won’t be a further appeal test: you can’t do anything but win, keeping at least Serie C is the only goal that matters.

Paolo Furrer

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