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Genting Ski Park: The Winter Olympics venues built by the existing ski resorts will produce the most gold medals

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(Beijing Winter Olympics) Yunding Ski Park: The Winter Olympics venues built by the existing ski resorts will produce the most gold medals

China News Service, Zhangjiakou, December 1st, title: Yunding Ski Park: The Winter Olympics venues built by the existing ski resort will produce the most gold medals

China News Agency reporter Chen Lin

Recently, with the success of the 2021/2022 International Snow Federation Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing Obstacle Chasing World Cup, the first test competition of the “Meet in Beijing” series of test competitions in Zhangjiakou, the host site Yunding Ski Park has once again received media attention.

The existing ski resort has been transformed into the largest number of gold medals

As one of the venues for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics snow project, it is located in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, northwest of Hebei Province. It has a good ecological environment and abundant ski resources. There are early snowfalls and thick snow, with a snow storage period of up to 150 days, and there are a large number of ski resorts that have become large-scale.

Yunding Ski Park is one of the four major competition venues in the Zhangjiakou competition area of ​​the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. It will host 20 freestyle skiing and snowboarding events in the Beijing Winter Olympics, as well as winter paralympic snowboarding. A skiing competition of 8 events. By then, 20 Winter Olympic gold medals and 8 Winter Olympic gold medals will be produced, which is the venue with the largest number of Winter Olympic gold medals.

Chen Rongqin, deputy manager of facilities at Yunding Ski Park in Zhangjiakou, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, said that Yunding Ski Park is the only snow competition venue in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics that relies on existing ski resorts. Compared with other events of the Winter Olympics, freestyle skiing and snowboarding have lower requirements on track length and drop than alpine skiing. It is the most ideal way to use the existing ski resort when selecting a site, and it also saves resources. .

Fashion, cool and thrilling competitions

Genting Ski Park has set up U-shaped venue skills, slope obstacle skills, aerial skills, snow skills and other Winter Olympics tracks. Chen Rongqin said that in the process of shaping the slope obstacle skills track, a great wall shape will be designed, which is very beautiful from the outside. The competition integrates skill, speed and difficulty, and aerial movements, which is highly enjoyable.

“Fashionable and cool” can be used to describe slope obstacle skills, and “thrilling and exciting” can be used to describe snow skills. Chen Rongqin said that during the snow skill competition, there are leap movements, which require both skill and speed. The difficulty lies in that athletes traveling at high speed must quickly change their body shapes among dense and irregular hills, and their waists and knees must be like springs. Keep your balance and complete the jump while avoiding small hills.

After the Winter Olympics, the top events and the public experience “coincide”

In the 2017-2018 snow season, the Winter Olympics track was built in the Genting Ski Park, when the International Snow Federation was held. Since then, relevant events have been successively held in each snow season.

Chen Rongqin said that at the beginning of the planning and construction of the Yunding Ski Park, the issue of use after the game was simultaneously considered, and the long-term operation of the Winter Olympics and the ski resort was connected through sustainable venue design, with the theme of sustainable use throughout the whole process.

It is understood that Yunding Ski Park considers the combination with the operation of the ski resort in the planning and construction of the venue and the operation and testing process, as well as the impact on the operation after the game. After the Beijing Winter Olympics, Yunding Ski Park will strive to become a promotion base for international events and popular ice and snow sports. In addition to having the ability to continue to hold international-level skiing events, it can also reduce the difficulty of the track through secondary shaping and restore its popularity. Long-term operational functions such as skiing and travel vacations. (over)


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