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George Clooney, party for the 20 years of Villa Oleandra with a couple drawn by lot

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George Clooney, party for the 20 years of Villa Oleandra with a couple drawn by lot

Laglio (Como), 10 August 2022 – A afternoon at Villa Oleandra with George Clooney and his wife Amal . Hollywood star yes twenty years has transformed the residence in Laglio in his second home and for celebrate the anniversary he organized special celebrations . The guests? No famous people from the world of entertainment, sports or politics. But one couple of ordinary citizens awarded for have done a donation to the Omaze organization, born to support charitable causes. In fact, Clooney had given away, through a draw among donors, an afternoon to spend with him and his wife.

So here are checked on the Omaze Instagram profile pictures of Michel L. and his wife – the winners of the contest – smiling together with the Clooney. The comment: “Our afternoon with George and Amal was incredible.”

Clooney has transformed the lake into one in 20 years destination of the international jet-set . The star here did not bring us only his girlfriends, a rite which Elisabetta Canalis, the sculptural Stacy Keibler and Amal Alamuddin who later became Mrs. Clooney have passed through, but above all her friends: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Bono Vox, Matt Damon, Cindy Crawford, Anna Wintour, Bill Murray e addirittura Barack Obama guest at Villa Oleandra in 2019 together with Michelle and her two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

“George Clooney was for Laglio what was Brigitte Bardot for St. Tropez or Karim Aga Khan for the Costa Smeralda – the words of mayor Roberto Pozzi -. Why Clooney has decided to stay on these shores for so many years is a ‘mystery’ attributable, perhaps, to the mixture of poetry, colors, sounds and magical atmospheres that only her heart knows. Here he loves to cultivate the vegetable garden, has a pizza oven and loves cooking good pasta. In short, a acquired Italian : not for nothing it is honorary citizen of Laglio since 2004 . What he represented, not only for Laglio but for the relaunch of the lake’s image, is priceless “.

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